NCIS spoilers: A character dies, gets written off the show

Torres Season 18 NCIS
Special Agent Nickolas “Nick” Torres has been a great addition to the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers reveal some shocking news about what is going to be happening on the show very soon.

During Season 18, Episode 7, a member of the NCIS cast will be written off the show. The team will deal with this tragic and surprising NCIS death, and it is going to be an impactful part of the episode called The First Day.

The writers and producers did a good job of keeping this NCIS plot point under wraps, and many fans may not see it coming since another character is also leaving the show very soon.

As we previously reported, Maria Bello (she plays Jack Sloane) is leaving the show during Season 18. But her final episode is on the back burner as we deal with another character getting killed off first.

NCIS spoilers about Season 18 character death

The wife of NCIS Medical Examiner, Dr. Jimmy Palmer, has died on the show. The sad news hasn’t been dealt with on the show yet, as most of the early episodes for Season 18 covered moments from the past.

Those moments in the past included what happened during the last episode, where Torres and Bishop were trapped in jail cells, Gibbs finally talked with McGee about the airport shooting, and the team came back together as the credits began rolling.

How did Breena Palmer die on NCIS?

The pandemic is going to be addressed during the new episode of NCIS that airs on February 9. During the episode, viewers learn Breena Palmer died from COVID-19.

The episode is going to focus on how Jimmy Palmer dealt with the death of his wife, that he leaned on Gibbs for help along the way, and that his mother has come to live with him and help out with his daughter.

For anyone who has seen the sneak peek for this new episode, the phone call he receives from his mother is going to make even more sense now. It had been hinted at that Jimmy was going to go through personal trauma, but this brings a reality to the situation.

Up to this point, the role of Breena Palmer was played by actress Michelle Pierce. She had been on the show for a long time as a recurring character, but Breena wasn’t in all that many episodes.

It’s unclear if she will even be featured in this one, but the character will get talked about a lot during the hour.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Another wasted episode of NCIS!

2 years ago

Showrunners are determined to ruin this entire set of series.