NCIS season finale details, TV promo released

Torres NCIS 20
Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) has been through a lot on NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 20 comes to an end on Monday night.

It has been teased for a while, but one of the main plot points of the episode is that Agent Torres winds up in prison.

Midway through the May 15 episode, Yuri Valkov was arrested trying to obtain information about and from current and former Russian assets.

He left a trail of death on U.S. soil but didn’t seem to mind that he was heading to prison.

In the night’s final moments, Ducky told the team he had learned what Yuri was up to. He had been seeking information about a weapon of mass destruction and likely had it in his possession.

With Yuri content to go to prison, several NCIS team members commented about having no way to get that information from him.

NCIS Season 20, Episode 22 TV promo

“Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) finds himself in prison as the team tries to stop an impending terror attack on U.S. soil,” reads the full synopsis for the May 22 episode of NCIS.

Based on what happened during the previous episode, it seems pretty clear that Torres is going undercover to learn what Yuri knows. Does he have the weapon? Is a terror attack underway?

The producers haven’t confirmed if this is why Torres ends up in prison, but it would make sense based on his past missions.

More news from NCIS

The May 22 episode might be the last new installment of NCIS for a while.

The ongoing Writers Strike could impact NCIS Season 21 quite a bit, especially since scripted dramas are pausing production.

Networks are already planning fall television schedules packed with game shows, news programs, and reality competition series.

At CBS, longer episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race will debut in Fall 2023, with more shows likely to follow suit.

Another show that the strike is impacting is Big Brother. New rumors about Big Brother 25 getting delayed due to what is happening in Hollywood have surfaced.

If the two sides come to terms, maybe the strike won’t impact much of anything. But a prolonged strike will cause changes to the 2023-2024 television season.

Enjoy the clips below that feature the NCIS Season 20 cast as the season finale approaches.

As a reminder, the NCIS season finale airs on May 22. It is immediately followed by the second season finale of NCIS: Hawai’i at 10/9c.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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