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NCIS schedule: Information on upcoming episodes released by CBS

Gibbs Season 18 NCIS
Mark Harmon continues to play Agent Gibbs on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS schedule for the next few weeks has been released by CBS and it gives a look at how much new content fans will get to see.

Currently, NCIS Season 18 is playing out on the network, with Episode 6 (called 1mm) slated to air on the evening of Tuesday, January 26.

The new episode has Torres and Bishop carrying out an investigation that could lead them right into a lot of danger.

Fans are also going to find out if Agent McGee survived after getting shot three times by Gibbs in the previous episode. We have some spoilers about that outcome for readers who want to jump ahead.

NCIS Season 18 schedule

Below is a brief breakdown of what CBS will be airing in the NCIS time slot over the next few weeks. This just covers the Tuesday night episodes and not episodes airing on other nights during the week.

January 26: Season 18, Episode 6 airs. This is a new episode of the show. The team is back in action in the present day, with the show finally moving out of the past.

February 2: Rebroadcast of season premiere (Season 18, Episode 1) airs. It shows Gibbs and Fornell investigating people involved in Fornell’s daughter overdosing.

February 9: Season 18, Episode 7 debuts. The episode is called The First Day and the team investigates a Navy officer who was killed going home.

February 16: Rebroadcast of NCIS Episode 400 (Season 18, Episode 2) where Young Gibbs meets Young Ducky for the first time.

More big NCIS moments to come

We have almost arrived at the point where one of the main characters is going to be leaving the NCIS cast. The moment will surely get teased as the next month of episodes plays out on Tuesday nights.

During Season 18, Episode 8, viewers will see one of the primary characters for the last time. It’s likely going to be a memorable exit, but the network and producers haven’t revealed just how it will work. In the past, some characters have been killed off, while others have been allowed to leave the show on their own terms.

As for the NCIS spin-offs, we are in the midst of another winter hiatus for the shows.

We have a brief schedule that covers the next few weekends, but fans are going to have to be patient about the return of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. The rest of the episodes for the current season haven’t been completed yet, and we hope that no other production delays take place.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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