NCIS recap: Torres gets a new car, Kasie looks into buying a gun

Kasie And Knight NCIS
Kasie and Agent Knight have become good friends on the NCIS Season 19 cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS aired a new episode called Peacekeeper on Monday night. This was the first episode after the show took most of November off and it served as Season 19, Episode 8 of the hit CBS drama.

It was on the last episode of NCIS that we met McGee’s mother-in-law. The case involved a body that turned up on a cruise ship and it also featured the return of McGee’s wife, Delilah Fielding, played by Margo Harshman.

We got to see Patricia Richardson join the NCIS cast as Judy Price Fielding and she ended up being an integral part of the investigation that the team carried out.

The new episode of NCIS began at a shooting range, where a kid was going out to reset a mannequin and found a dead body in the backseat.

It turned out to be a dead Navy reservist, leading to the NCIS team getting called to action. Before they left the office, though, some time was spent on revealing how Kasie had recently become a “gym rat” and had been working out a lot lately.

Kasie has still been dealing with the trauma of getting taken hostage in the offices earlier this season by a contract killer, and she seems determined to never let that happen to her again.

NCIS recap for Season 19, Episode 8

While following leads in the case, Knight and Parker went to see the ex-wife of the victim. When they arrived at her house, they found Kasie there. It turned out that the ex-wife, Lexi Davis (played by Ginifer King), sold guns as a living and that Kasie was actually there to purchase one.

Kasie confided in Knight that she might be in the market for a gun in case she needed to defend herself again. But she wasn’t quite sure that she was ready to pull the trigger on it, and was just there to check out her options.

The NCIS investigation continues

A subplot within the episode was Torres getting really interested in a car that had been used as target practice at the shooting range. It was the same make, model, and year as his first car and he was on a mission to save it and get it fixed up.

During the episode, a lot of suspects were thrown into the mix in order to keep NCIS viewers guessing about who might have killed the man. There was an ex-wife, a friend of the ex-wife who had started dating the victim, a guy selling illegal ammunition and weapons out of his van, a bar owner where the victim worked, an older man selling antique weapons at an expo, and the woman who was hosting the expo.

All of the suspects had motives, but one of the NCIS guest stars was pretty famous, so he immediately seemed like the most likely guy to have done something to the Navy reservist.

That character was played by Don Swayze, the brother of Patrick Swayze. This is actually the second time he has guest-starred on an episode of NCIS over the years. And he did indeed lead the NCIS team to their killer, as he had sold an older gun to the bar owner.

The case was solved when the bar owner admitted to accidentally shooting the victim while they were arguing over money. The episode wrapped up with the team arresting him, Torres taking the car home that he had named Stella after an old girlfriend, and Knight and Kasie spending some time at the shooting range together.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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