NCIS cast: Who plays Pete Walker on new episode? Don Swayze guests

Parker And McGee NCIS S19
Parker and McGee lead the NCIS team into new Season 19 episodes. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast for Season 19, Episode 8 includes a face that might seem very familiar to viewers.

After a long hiatus, NCIS returns with a new episode on Monday night. This new episode is called Peacemaker and it is directed by Rockey Carroll (he plays NCIS Director Leon Vance on the show).

The familiarity with the character of Pete Walker is going to be twofold, but it will be intriguing to see just how many NCIS fans can figure out why.

Not only is the actor playing Pete Walker familiar due to how much he looks like his brother… but he has also appeared as a different character on the NCIS cast during a previous season.

Who plays Pete Walker on the NCIS cast?

Don Swayze guest stars as Pete Walker on the NCIS cast for the episode called Peacemaker. While he has appeared on a number of projects as himself (more than 100 to be exact), he is likely still best known for being the brother of Patrick Swayze.

As for that bit of NCIS trivia that we alluded to earlier, Don Swayze also appeared on a Season 2 episode of NCIS.

It was back on Season 2, Episode 3 (aired in 2004), where Swayze played the character of Logan Clay. It was a small part during the episode, but he was also on the screen long enough for many eagle-eyed viewers to recognize him.

Now, he is back for the November 29 episode of NCIS.

NCIS Season 19 fall finale coming up soon

The bad news for NCIS fans is that we are quickly coming up on the Season 19 fall finale. At that point, NCIS will be going on a long winter hiatus until the first new episode of the show airs in January 2022.

And this comes right after viewers have started to get more comfortable with the biggest NCIS cast change that we have seen in years.

Having the character Alden Parker taking over the job that Gibbs used to have has certainly been off-putting for some NCIS fans. At the same time, actor Gary Cole has done quite well at providing the show with a unique character.

As Cole has stated before, he is not trying to be Gibbs on NCIS, but rather something new and fresh for the CBS drama. We can miss seeing Mark Harmon play Gibbs every week and still enjoy what Cole brings to the screen as Parker.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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greg fraunfelter
greg fraunfelter
2 years ago

Have watched NCIS from the beginning – do NOT like the direction the show is taking. There are no strong characters like Tony, Ziva, Kate, Mike Franks, etc. I cannot seem to get attached to Gary Cole’s character – at all. I will hang in there hoping the show gets better. If not, I will tune in to something else.