Is Margo Harshman really paralyzed? NCIS character in wheelchair

Delilah and Tim got to take a vacation on her return to the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

Margo Harshman returned to the NCIS cast for the new episodes of the show on Tuesday night.

Harshman has played the paralyzed character of Delilah McGee on the NCIS cast for several years.

It has been a while since Harshman has appeared on the show, though, so it led a lot of viewers to ask if she is paralyzed in real life.

We recently reported on the backstory for Delilah McGee and how the character became paralyzed on the show, but the backstory for the actress isn’t the same as her character.

Is Margo Harshman really paralyzed and in a wheelchair?

With the 2021 winter premiere of NCIS debuting on CBS, the character of Delilah McGee reappeared as she went on a vacation with her husband and special agent, Timothy McGee.

Within the scenes, the character was shown in a wheelchair, causing some viewers to ask if actress Margo Harshman is really paralyzed.

No, Harshman is not paralyzed. She only uses the wheelchair as part of the storylines with her character. As a quick reminder of how her character became paralyzed, it all happened back in Season 11 when she was at a gala that a terrorist attacked.

There is another character on NCIS: New Orleans that is also in a wheelchair, and that is Patton Plame. He is played by actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell who has a long career in television and film. Due to a motorcycle accident in 2001, Mitchell is indeed paralyzed, so his character simply mirrors that.

It was good that NCIS brought back the character of Delilah in Season 18 because we haven’t seen her on the show in a while. McGee’s wife is mentioned now and then, but it sometimes felt forced when actor Sean Murray was talking about a character that was rarely on screen.

More news from the world of NCIS

It was great to have the flagship show return with a double feature on January 19. Don’t expect that to continue, though, as it was just a nice treat to mark the 2021 winter premiere of the show.

In an upcoming episode, one of the main characters of the show is going to be leaving. It was a plot that was supposed to take place in Season 17 but got pushed back to a Season 18 episode due to production delays.

When it comes to the NCIS spin-offs, though, we could be waiting a while for the next new episodes. Following the episodes that aired on Sunday night, a new winter hiatus has begun. NFL action is going to get in the way of new episodes over the next few weeks.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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