NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers: When will Eric Beale return to show?

Nell Jones NCISLA
Nell Jones has been helping to run NCIS while Eric Beale was away. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers address the absence of Eric Beale and when actor Barrett Foa will return to the show to continue playing the part.

Foa has been noticeably absent from the first five episodes of Season 12, with fans definitely noticing that his unique brand of humor is not present with the NCIS: LA cast.

This isn’t the first time it has happened, though. Foa was involved in a play that kept him away from some of the early episodes in Season 11 as well. During that time, he was on the stage participating in Angels In America.

One of the reasons that his absence has been felt even more this season is that his girlfriend on the show (Nell Jones) has been helping run the team while Hetty Lange is out of the country.

But we have some fun NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers to pass on now.

When will Eric Beale return to NCIS: LA cast?

On Season 12, Episode 6, which is scheduled to air on Sunday, December 13, Eric Beale returns to NCIS. The network is already teasing the reappearance of Eric and it is going to happen with an amusing moment that also involves Nell and Kensi Blye.

It will be good to have Eric back on the show, especially with all of the drama that has surrounded Deeks and his removal from the NCIS team.

As fans will recall, LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks had his position taken away when the police department decided to end all partnerships with other agencies. It took him off the NCIS team and because he is not a real agent, he had to leave his partnership with Kensi.

Actress Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi, Deeks’ wife on the show, gave an interview about the future of his character on the show. In particular, she addressed rumors about the actor playing him (Eric Christian Olsen) possibly leaving the show. She alluded to him sticking around.

But let’s get back to Eric.

Barrett Foa returns to NCIS: Los Angeles

The early teasers for the NCIS: LA episode called If the Fates Allow suggest that Eric Beale is back to his old self and helping Nell Jones with the technical in-office work.

It will be good for the show to have Nell and Eric sharing scenes together and we can finally learn some more information about their relationship and if it has just been kept hidden from viewers.

We may also get some real answers about what Eric has been up to and if he was really on vacation, working on the tech that he had a breakthrough with, or if Hetty has had him undercover again.

The fall finale is going to be packed with returning characters, new faces to the show, and, of course, notable guest stars. You won’t want to miss this new episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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