NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers: Cast member to become full-time character

Hetty and Eric
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange and Barrett Foa as Eric Beale on NCIS: L.A. Season 11, Episode 16. Pic credit: CBS

Some NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers about the cast will start to be revealed during the new episode on Sunday night.

Special Agent Fatima Namazi has appeared on nine episodes of the show in the past and she will be back for the episode on Sunday, March 1.

This is where the spoilers come into play, as the character is going to be facing death as the NCIS team races to track her down and save her.

She is going to survive because the actress playing Fatima is going to become a full-time character for the rest of Season 11.

Who plays Special Agent Fatima Namazi on NCIS: L.A. cast?

Actress Medalion Rahimi is going to become a full-time NCIS: L.A. cast member now. The news came down from CBS and the production team that this would be taking place.

CBS viewers who watched the first few episodes of Season 11 have already seen her in action, but the role is going to be fleshed out even further in the coming months.

Below is a clip showcasing some of the work she has done on the show and what happens Sunday night.

Season 11, Episode 16 synopsis

The March 1 NCIS: L.A. episode will also guest-star rapper Offset, who is going to play the part of a CIA agent that has been deep undercover. The character of Kadri Kashan Khan will play an important part in helping Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J) save Fatima.

Below is the full CBS synopsis of the episode called Alsiyadun:

“When Fatima is captured while on a mission and held for ransom, Callen and Sam enlist a deep undercover CIA agent, Kadri (guest star Kiari “Offset” Cephus), to help get her back, on NCIS: Los Angeles.”

NCIS: Los Angeles recap

During the last episode of the show, Anna Kolcheck appeared again, warning Callen that he might be in danger. She had information about Darius Reznikov Comescu being in the area and she feared it involved Callen.

It turned out that Darius was trying to save a woman that he loved and that the situation had nothing to do with Callen. Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) got Callen and Darius to work together and the end result was not only success but the revelation that Darius was going to defect and help the United States. This means he could reappear in future episodes.

Anna is now living in Callen’s apartment — which is a situation that could be addressed a little later on down the road. For now, the NCIS team is going to be traveling to solve their next case.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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