NCIS: Los Angeles recap: The Russians descend, Hetty sends a message, and Joelle Taylor returns

LL COOL J as Sam Hanna
Sam Hanna is very worried about his daughter, Kam, on NCIS: LA. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast saw the return of CIA Agent Joelle Taylor on the show’s newest episode. It was a surprising revelation on the night, heightened by the way the episode came to an end with the unwanted “to be continued” note to fans.

The worst part about the ending is that we don’t know when the storyline will be addressed again. NCIS: LA is taking a March break with no new episodes on the current schedule at CBS. It could be a bit of a wait until we get to see what has happened to Joelle.

Back to the episode itself, which began with Callen getting tailed again. It finally proved that he wasn’t being paranoid about having someone follow him for the last few episodes.

And he managed to get the jump on the two guys who were tailing him, but unfortunately, they came up clean in the system. We learned later that they were the Russians.

After releasing one of his tails, Callen had Agent Rountree follow the man to figure out what he is really up to. That led Callen and Rountree to a cabin in the woods, where we saw that Anna Kolcheck was a part of the operation.

NCIS: Los Angeles recap: The return of Anna Kolcheck

At first, it seemed like Anna was working with these Russians, who have a common goal. The story was that Katya had returned for Anna and to generally cause some more trouble. Anna’s former cellmate, Katya (Eve Harlow), turned out to be a Russian spy, leading to some dramatic episodes shown previously.

Is it really Katya, though? All we heard was a scrambled voice on the phone, meaning this could actually be anyone working against NCIS.

We didn’t find out for sure, but we did get an exciting gunfight at a warehouse and the revelation that Joelle Taylor had been held hostage (she is the woman who had been posing as a kindergarten teacher that was set up with Callen on a date by Sam and his wife).

During the gunfight between the Russians and NCIS, it appeared that Katya escaped and taken Joelle with her. As the episode drew to a close, Callen received a package at the boathouse that appeared to contain one of Joelle’s fingers. That’s where the episode faded to black.

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Elsewhere in the episode called Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Hetty sent the team a message about the dangers that were coming, Sam became increasingly worried about Kam’s future, and Deeks injected Kensi with fertility hormones to help take a step toward becoming parents.

Kam is considering not going to the academy, Hetty is still MIA but seemingly helping out the NCIS team from behind the scenes, and Nell is getting even more comfortable running the team.

More news from the world of NCIS

A new NCIS spin-off is in the works that will take place in Hawaii. This could become a brand new chapter in the world of NCIS at CBS.

Room on the primetime schedule for fall 2021 was created when CBS decided to cancel NCIS: New Orleans. The Scott Bakula-led show will come to a close in May.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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