NCIS: Los Angeles recap — Katherine Casillas, Nicole DeChamps return

Feb 16 NCIS Cast
The NCIS: Los Angeles cast returned for a new episode on February 16. Pic credit: CBS

A new NCIS: Los Angeles recap comes from the February 16 episode of the show.

Season 11, Episode 14 finally aired on CBS after another hiatus this winter. It returned in conjunction with the NCIS: New Orleans winter premiere, which aired in its new time slot.

A lot of earlier Season 11 scenes were shown in the “previously on” segment, including Eric working undercover, actress Moon Bloodgood guest-starring for the first time as Katherine Casillas, and even scenes with Callen and Anna.

Commitment Issues recap

After someone was discovered dead at a poetry reading, an amusing segment took place with Callen coming upon Nell as she was burning papers in an incinerator. He then asked for her help in trying to track down Anna — with the unsaid request that it be kept private.

When the team was all in the Ops Center, Eric revealed that the victim was a former active duty Naval engineer. They weren’t sure what he was working on and that became part of the mystery that led to his death.

The company backing the former Navy man turned out to be the same one that Eric was working undercover for that tried to kidnap and murder him earlier in the season. It made him quite nervous. He reacted badly throughout the episode.

The return of NCIS Special Agent Nicole DeChamps

When Callen and Sam were out starting the investigation, NCIS Special Agent Nicole DeChamps showed up on the scene. DeChamps is played by actress Marsha Thomason and has appeared in numerous episodes over the past few years. She had worked for the Secret Service when she first joined the NCIS: Los Angeles cast.

It turned out that she had some information to support the case, which included that the company was working on a search engine for China. Outside of the case, it was fun to see her interact with Sam and Callen again. It predictably led to Callen’s feelings for Anna Kolcheck eventually coming up again.

Moon Bloodgood returns

Later in the episode, it was revealed that Katherine Casillas was on the board for the search engine company, which explained why she was in the flashbacks at the beginning. It was fun to see Moon Bloodgood share some scenes with LL Cool J again.

While she appeared to be hiding a lot in the beginning, it turned out that a Saudi-based company was trying to strongarm the company into turning the software over to them. Failure in that department led to the death of one employee and another one getting kidnapped.

The team was able to put a stop to the bad guys and enjoyed a nice celebration to wrap up the night. An employee for the tech company revealed that Katherine had helped put a team of people together to take a low bid from China and provide a search engine that didn’t actually work the way it was supposed to. It put her in a really good light with Sam.

Sam and Katherine then shared a bit of a moment in the boatshed where they agreed to go on a date. The episode title (Commitment Issues) wasn’t actually about Callen… but rather Sam.

Meanwhile, Nell pulled Callen aside at the party, letting him know that she had information that possibly linked Anna to some crimes overseas. It was brief, but it hinted at more coming down the road.

NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers for next episode

We have some key information about Season 11, Episode 15 of the show that could be interesting for our readers. Be warned, though, that there are a number of spoilers for what is coming up next.

Either way, make sure to tune in on February 23 for the next new installment.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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