NCIS cast: Who plays Kayla Vance?

Kayla Vance On NCIS 19
Kayla Vance returns to NCIS during Season 19. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast will feature Kayla Vance during an all-new episode, bringing back a character that hasn’t been on the show for a while.

Kayla Vance is the daughter of NCIS Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll), and for quite a few years, she has served as a background character on the show. Now, during an important NCIS Season 19 episode, she will step into the spotlight.

In Season 9, Episode 19 (called The Good Son), NCIS fans got to meet Kayla Vance when she was played by Kiara Muhammad. The episode also featured Akinsola Aribo as her brother, Jared Vance, and Paula Newsome as her mother, Jackie Vance.

Kiara Muhammad played Kayla Vance in five episodes of the show before she went on to bigger things, like playing the voice of Doc McStuffins on the cartoon of the same name.

Later, though, the NCIS producers went in a different direction, and that led to a new actress getting cast in the role of Kayla.

Who plays Kayla Vance on NCIS cast now?

The NCIS cast features Naomi Grace as Kayla Vance now, but we haven’t seen the character in the past few years. The last episode that the aged-up Kayla appeared in was Boom from 2018, and it was one of three episodes of NCIS that Grace has guest-starred in.

Some of Grace’s other roles include Genevieve on Family Reunion, Madison on The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, and an episode of K.C. Undercover as Bianca.

On the night of March 7, Naomi Grace will be a featured character in NCIS Season 19, Episode 14, as Kayla Vance gets to come to work for her father. Prior to this, the NCIS writers hinted at Kayla’s eventual return when she was mentioned in the episode called Fight or Flight.

As an almost throwaway comment on the show, it was noted that Kayla had started attending FLETC in order to become an NCIS field agent. It turns out that this was heavy foreshadowing.

Some more news from NCIS

In the previous episode of the show, NCIS fans got to meet the aged-up version of Victoria Palmer. The daughter of Breena and Dr. Jimmy Palmer, Victora was an important part of the emotional episode.

NCIS fans had a few questions about her age, but star Brian Dietzen took the time to explain the Victoria situation. Hopefully, we see more of her on future episodes of the show.

And in another interesting story, Michael Weatherly spurred on new NCIS rumors about possibly returning to the show, all while having some fun in his hotel room watching DiNozzo takedown Gibbs.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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