NCIS cast: Who plays Kayla Vance?

The NCIS cast will feature Kayla Vance during an all-new episode, bringing back a character that hasn’t been on the show for a while. Kayla Vance is the daughter of NCIS Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll), and for quite a few years, she has served as a background character on the show. Now,


NCIS promo for new episode brings back Naomi Grace as Kayla Vance

NCIS Season 19, Episode 14 has a TV promo running, and it dives right into the return of Director Vance’s daughter. Naomi Grace plays Kayla Vance on the NCIS cast and we haven’t seen the character in the past few years. The last episode that the aged-up Kayla appeared in was Boom from 2018. In