NCIS cast: Michael Weatherly teases that he is returning

Michael Weatherly On Red Carpet
Michael Weatherly used to star on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: ©

Michael Weatherly teased NCIS fans with a post hinting that he will eventually return to the show.

For years, Weatherly played Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the NCIS cast, becoming one of the most popular characters on the CBS drama.

He ended up leaving the show to pursue other endeavors, one of which was starring on the hit show Bull. Since then, a lot of new people have come on to work on Gibbs’ team.

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Now that Bull has been canceled, Weatherly has the free time to pursue other opportunities again, but he also has the time to possibly return to NCIS.

When the NCIS rumors of a character returning on the fall finale surfaced, some fans thought it might have been hinting at Weatherly coming back.

We won’t get to see Weatherly on the NCIS Season 20 fall finale, but it sure looks like he just opened another door in a big way.

Is Michael Weatherly returning to NCIS?

“So at sushi lunch the server asked ‘what’s next, Michael?'” Weatherly began a post that he put up on Twitter.

“I said a podcast and maybe an indie movie, another round of DiNozzo at some point. She stared at me and said, ‘no-sorry-what’s your next sushi dish?’. Humbled, I of course asked for jalapeño hamachi. And the check,[sic]” Weatherly wrapped up his post.

While this definitely is not a confirmation that we will see Michael Weatherly returning to NCIS in time to film upcoming Season 20 episodes, it certainly seems like he really wants to play the character again at some point.

Unless he was just teasing the fans again…

NCIS Universe news

The long winter hiatus is coming up for NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i, and it has already begun for NCIS: Los Angeles.

Luckily, CBS already released the NCIS Season 20 return date, giving fans something to look forward to in the new calendar year.

When the shows do return, it will be part of an epic crossover that CBS has already started advertising. Since filming took place earlier this fall, it’s only a matter of time until that big TV promo finally gets released as well.

While we all wait for those new episodes of the shows to arrive in January 2023, it provides a lot of time to go back and watch older episodes of the NCIS dramas. They are all available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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