Michael Strahan commends GMA co-star’s on-air bravery as fans show concern and support

michael strahan face shot from february 23 2024 episode of gma on abc
Michael Strahan appears on Good Morning America episode in February 2024. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan is known for showing courage and fearlessness when he stepped onto the football field for many years, facing intense opposition and possible injuries.

The Good Morning America host also recognizes his colleagues’ bravery when covering various stories under dangerous or challenging conditions.

He regularly works alongside primary co-anchors Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos at the GMA desk, who have covered many big stories over the years.

Michael also works with other anchors and personalities, including meteorologists and correspondents such as Ginger Zee, Sam Champion, and Rob Marciano.

Marciano appeared on Friday’s episode of GMA to report on an exciting development in human transportation.

That led to Michael commending his colleague’s bravery for risking his life to present the story to viewers.

Michael introduced GMA story about ‘first-of-its-kind’ transportation

During the February 23 GMA, a segment featured Marciano reporting from Lakeland, Florida.

His story presented a new form of travel for humankind involving large human-flown drones.

“George Jetson is reporting- Oh, I mean Rob Marciano is reporting live, ready to master the game of drones and take the first-of-its-kind aircraft for a spin,” Michael said early during GMA’s preview of upcoming stories.

The HEXA LIFT aircraft is “the first drone-powered vehicle that any adult in the general public can train on and fly.”

GMA viewers got a live look as one of the large drones with a human pilot was taking off in Florida.

“It’s great to be here at the desk,” Rebecca Jarvis, who was filling in for Robin Roberts, said early in the program.

Fans expressed concern for Marciano’s safety

Later, Marciano reported about the exciting technology from Lakeland and then piloted one by himself for the first time.

“The helmet’s on. Things just got real,” he said during his live coverage.

He talked about how the human-piloted drone, known as an Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL) aircraft, features “18 propellers powered by 18 individual electric motors with no oil or fuel.”

After talking about the benefits of air travel in the future, it was time for Marciano to test it out.

“I am excited, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was nervous. Alright, it’s go time!” Marciano said from the cockpit of his aircraft as he put his goggles on.

He later shared a slide on his Instagram Story, which showed him piloting the innovative aircraft.

“Me slightly freaked out,” he wrote under the slide with an arrow pointing to himself in the HEXA Lift.

screenshot from gma reporter rob marciano instagram story about hexa lift aircraft
Rob Marciano shows himself flying a HEXA LIFT aircraft for a GMA report. Pic credit: @robertmarciano/Instagram

Marciano mentioned his father was an aviation pilot in the Navy and a commercial airline pilot. He said his dad “cringed” anytime Marciano got on a helicopter for a news assignment due to it having just one engine that could fail.

With the Hexa, Marciano said he could lose six engines and still have a safe landing. He ultimately stuck the landing.

On a Twitter post about the story, several fans expressed concerns or encouraged Marciano to stay safe.

“This looks amazing Rob! Have fun and have a safe flight,” one commenter wrote.

“I watched! Coolest Thing Ever!!” another said.

“Awesome! Hope all goes well for you! Be safe, Rob!!!” a commenter said.

rob marciano tweet comments screenshot about gma story for lift aircraft
Pic credit: @RobMarciano/Twitter

Strahan praised Marciano’s bravery for live TV report

“Welcome back to earth,” Michael said after Marciano completed a successful landing.

Marciano called the experience “amazing” and said anyone over 18 could get trained and try it out in Lakeland, Florida, for $250.

“Michael, even a rocket man like you would have a blast running around in this thing,” Marciano said as Michael laughed.

“Rob, I think you’re a lot more qualified than I was to go to space, so great job flying that. That was really something to see,” Michael said.

“Great job, Rob. We appreciate you, my friend, for being brave enough to do that for us on live television,” he told Marciano.

Michael recognizes bravery in others often. It’s recently been close to home as he watches his daughter Isabella’s ongoing recovery and treatment for a brain cancer tumor she had successfully removed last year.

During a recent update on GMA, he called his 19-year-old daughter a “strong lady” for facing her health situation and continuing to share her journey with others.

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