Mark Moses on Deputy: Undersheriff Jerry London making moves

Mark Moses On Deputy
Mark Moses as Undersheriff London during Episode 2 of Deputy. Pic credit: FOX

Mark Moses is making his mark on Deputy, the new FOX show on Thursday nights. Playing Undersheriff Jerry London, he is currently a thorn in the side of the new sheriff, played by Stephen Dorff.

The second episode of the new series aired Thursday night. Sheriff Bill Hollister was working hard to get around the red tape and the politics of the job. This flies in the face of what London has worked hard on for years.

In a twist of fate, Hollister just got the job due to the acting sheriff dying while in office. A job that he never wanted fell to Hollister, and it seems to have angered London quite a bit. On the surface, so far, it looks like London wants to take that job away from Hollister.

Toward the end of Episode 2, London tried to turn two members of Hollister’s team against him. He started with Deputy Bishop, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus on the show. He was extremely unsuccessful, as Bishop remained very loyal to her new charge.

London then turned to Charlie Minnick, played by Danielle Moné Truitt, dangling a promotion in front of her if she remained loyal to the department. It was a sly way to get her to feed him information about what Hollister was doing on the job.

Mark Moses on Deputy

The choice to have Mark Moses on the Deputy cast was a good one, as he plays the political antagonist quite well.

The writers have done an excellent job of making the character extremely unlikable so far, and Moses is pretty good at keeping a scowl on his face at all times.

Moses has had a long acting career that started long before he was invited to join the Deputy cast. He is still probably best known for his role as Lieutenant Wolfe in the movie Platoon, but he also appeared as Duck Phillips on Mad Men and Paul Young on Desperate Housewives.

Now, Moses is playing a character that probably has an interesting backstory to flesh out. It seems like London and Hollister had problems in the past the show hasn’t addressed yet.

Is there something in particular that sent London on this path as a primary antagonist to Hollister? And why can’t London be patient until the interim title that Hollister has comes to an end?

We will all find out together on future episodes of the show. If the strong early ratings continue, we could also be hearing about Season 2 soon.

Deputy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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