Love & Hip Hop Atlanta recap: Babies, break ups and another trip to the cabin?

Erica Dixon on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Erica Dixon makes her return to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta amid all the drama — but will she be able to stay low key? Pic credit: VH1

Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been much ado about babies and in the latest episode, The Immaculate Conception, we’re getting even more baby fever as Karlie Redd is still trying to reproduce while Lil Scrappy just welcomed his baby boy and his baby mama Erica Dixon is waiting on twins.

The episode starts off with the crew of misfits — Lil Scrappy, Kirk Frost and Yung Joc — hitting the gym and catching everyone up on what they’ve been up to. Scrappy finally got his boot off so he wants to drop a few pounds and Yung Joc is still confessing his love for his new lady. Leave it to Kirk to suggest that they admit Karlie Redd’s new man, Arkansas Mo, into their guy circle and we can already see the future storylines as Mo and Joc either bond or clash over stories of Karlie’s freaky ways.

Mo looks relieved that Yung Joc is happy for Karlie’s newfound happiness, but in a confessional we learn that Joc isn’t trying to be BFFs with Karlie’s new man, not even a little bit.

Then Kirk suggests a couples’ retreat at a cabin with all his boys and their ladies. The looks on all of their faces tell a whole story because we know what happened last time Kirk took off for a weekend in a cabin with his friends. At least this time their partners would be there, rather than a hot tub full of other women, but with the memories of the past it’s clear that no one thinks this cabin trip is a good idea.

Cut to Tiarra and Akbar V, who met up at a rock climbing gym but aren’t climbing any rocks. Instead, they are looking very motherly while discussing the recent drama with Scrapp Deleon and how Tiarra feels about his dealings with Moniece Slaughter. Tiarra tells Akbar that she wants to meet up with Moniece so she can get the whole truth and we already know how that will end.

Meanwhile, Che Mack meets up with Pooh Hicks to talk about the drama at Karlie Redd’s engagement party. Pooh is pretty pleased that Che put Karlie on blast but Che lost her job over it and now she feels bad for ruining Karlie’s moment. Pooh is still patting Che on the back for being messy but she doesn’t seem to be stepping up to replace that check!

Instead, Pooh offers to “perk” Che right up and while she’s getting excited about a possible Chanel bag, Pooh pulls out a sex toy that has everybody blushing. Now we know Pooh is a little bit freaky but did she really think that was going to fix Che’s problems?

And while Che claims that Karlie is only 45, it’s been making the rounds for years that old girl is over 50. Not that it matters because she still looks better than most. Can you give us your fountain of youth secrets, Karlie?

All this talk of Karlie must have summoned her because the next scene has her distraught and calling for help. In her best soap opera dramatics (we feel for Karlie, really, but it’s clear that this scene was rehearsed), she calls up Mimi, who jumps into action and comes to support her friend.

This is where we learn the test results from that visit to the doctor last week. It turns out that Karlie’s week-long period was, in fact, a miscarriage and she is devastated. Considering how badly she wants a baby with Arkansas Mo, this loss hits us all hard.

When Akbar V ghosts Sierra Gates, she shows up to see what’s up. It turns out that Akbar is having some horrible headaches caused by bullet fragments that are still in her skull after having been shot in the head. It looks like VH1 finally realized how interested viewers are in learning about Akbar’s shooting and in this scene, she showed an image of her skull and the shrapnel that was left in it.

The terrible headaches also mean that Akbar missed an important studio session with Moniece and we know that isn’t going to fly with her no matter what her excuse may be. Thanks to Sierra for setting up that scene, because immediately after we see Moniece complaining about the no show.

Rather than wait on Akbar, Moniece calls Tokyo Vanity to fill in and completely downplays her headache. She got shot in the head, Moniece!! Give the girl a break!

Of course, Moniece goes in on Tiarra with Tokyo and then says she’s over Scrapp because of the baby mama drama. But Scrapp made it pretty clear that he and Moniece had an arrangement and they were never in a committed relationship. Why are all the women on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in love with this guy anyway?

Tiarra clearly hasn’t let Scrapp go and confronts him again in a park scene where he makes it clear that he hasn’t made any promises to anyone. Scrapp makes it clear again that his intentions with Tiarra are to be great friends and great parents together and nothing else. That doesn’t seem to stop Tiarra from lusting after her baby daddy though and you can see it all over her face.

Keeping with the dysfunctional relationship drama, we head back to another Karlie Redd scene where she admits that she needs Mo to be there for her but that he’s in Arkansas, handling his business. That’s when Karlie reveals that Mo left his laptop behind and, naturally, she used it to check up on him and to read all his text messages with another woman.

Karlie makes the whole thing sound super ominous like he went out of state to cheat but that’s not what happened. We know you have some baggage Karlie but come on! Don’t screw up a great thing with a guy who really wants to be with you.

Mo immediately comes clean to Karlie about the real reason for his trip, which is to possibly establish paternity for a kid who was conceived before they were even together. Of course, Karlie is already ready to kick him to the curb and it doesn’t even matter that he was honest with her.

It’s understandable that finding out Mo may have a son when she wants to give him one so badly might hurt but is that a good enough reason to walk away? The answer is no, Karlie. This man loves you!

We finally get to see Erica Dixon return to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta when she invites the ladies over to reveal her pregnancy. Now, we already know she’s expecting twins but no one knows who the baby daddy is. It has been rumored that her man might be Rotimi from Power but both Erica and Rotimi have denied it.

While Erica is clearly glowing about her double baby news, she STILL doesn’t reveal the identity of her baby daddy, citing that she just wants to keep things private and keep her stress low. This must be where the “immaculate conception” title for the episode comes from this week even though Erica is on-screen for all of 30 seconds.

Then, in walk Che Mack and Shekinah, which doesn’t thrill Karlie even a little bit. Che wasn’t even invited and this could have easily turned into a brawl but Che made sure to show up with deep apologies and, surprisingly, Karlie even forgave her but made it clear that her beef with Pooh Hicks will live on forever!

When Karlie explains what went down with Mo, both Rasheeda and Mimi tell her to fix the mess she made and take that man back. She may be hurting but she is definitely messing up a great thing and, after all, Mo did come clean and he was never really wrong. Let’s not turn this into another season of Love & Hip Hop heartbreak.

As the episode winds down, we see the end of Scrapp and Moniece — we think. When Moniece meets up with Scrapp to talk about his dealings with seemingly all the women, he makes it clear that he plans to be a good parent and has no interest in a relationship with her or anyone else.

The Scrapp love triangle storyline worked so well a few years back that Mona must have decided to try it again. Did it work? Probably well enough but it’s time for Scrapp to get a real storyline because no one actually thought he was with Moniece or that he would be.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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