Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now special confirmed

Johnna in a Love After Lockup confessional
Johnna didn’t find true love with Garrett. Pic credit: WeTV

Love After Lockup has finished with the Our Story episodes. This week, the sneak peek of Season 2 will be airing. There weren’t any real updates given when the episodes ran and that is all about to change.

On November 30, there will be a Love After Lockup episode that will give fans updates on where the couples are now. Earlier this summer, there were hints that some of the women were filming again. It looks like Johnna, Mary, and possibly Andrea will be a part of the updates.

It has been revealed that Scott and Lizzie will be a part of Season 2 along with Angela and Tony. These couples never got to see life on the outside, so the updates will come as a storyline next season. It looks like both Lizzie and Tony were finally released, but things aren’t all roses and sunshine.

Viewers know that Love After Lockup couple Johnna and Garrett are no longer together. She gave up a lot to be with him when he was locked up and after his release.

Their breakup story will likely be talked about and from what has been talked about on social media, it wasn’t a clean and neat split. Johnna is currently in Texas and Garrett remains in Florida.

There have been zero updates about Andrea and Lamar, but it is expected that they have remained together.

The only news that has been shared on social media is that Andrea’s son graduated high school early. After the Love After Lockup wedding, viewers can’t imagine the two have split.

Mary and Dom recently had their big wedding. They had already tied the knot but they did a big reception. She shared photos on social media and the two appear to be doing really well since filming Love After Lockup. Of all the couples, they were always the most solid.

As for James and Alla, it looks like that was over at some point. He had shared a photo kissing another woman on social media and it was rumored that Alla fell back into drugs.

Love After Lockup fans weren’t shocked as they saw her relapse on camera while she was with James. It is unclear if he will be participating in the update special.

The Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now special airs November 30 at 9/8c on WeTV.

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