Love After Lockup update: Where are Megan, Michael, and Sarah today?

Megan and Sarah during their confrontation on Love After Lockup
Both Megan and Sarah may still be messing with Michael. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup viewers were stunned when they learned that one of the couples from Season 2 would turn into a love triangle. When the details surrounding the couples was released, there was no mention of a wife in the picture for Megan and Michael.

When it was revealed that Michael had been married to Sarah and was still trying to be with Megan, there was a lot of commentary about it. Over the course of the season, it was revealed that he had initially intended to end things with Sarah and choose Megan to be his wife instead.

The confrontation on Love After Lockup

On the Season 2 finale of Love After Lockup, Megan and Sarah finally met in person. It was a long time coming and had been teased on previews for weeks. Everything was laid out on the table, including the fact that Sarah was pregnant with Michael’s second child.

Megan had been a virgin until meeting Michael. She believed she loved him, and the two slept together when she visited New York the first time. In fact, it was the same weekend they visited Niagara Falls.

There had been a lot of back and forth about whether Megan knew about Sarah. It was clear that Michael’s mom was aware of both women, though she urged him to choose his wife. In fact, that is what he had planned on doing before he was arrested while with Megan.

For a while, Megan deleted her social media accounts. Last summer, she had gone back and forth with Sarah and Michael’s sister about the situation, and shortly after that, she disappeared. Recently, Megan reactivated her Instagram account.

Where are Megan, Michael, and Sarah now?

This story is complicated. Sarah announced her pregnancy while on Love After Lockup but there were several viewers who doubted her and the timeline. She did post a bump photo to Instagram, but it was removed shortly after.

On the season finale, Sarah revealed she gave birth to another little girl named Rayne. Now, she is the mother to two little girls, both fathered by her husband, Michael. As far as whether the two remained married, that is a gray area.

Sarah just posted a photo on Instagram revealing that she forgives Michael for what went on while filming. It doesn’t look like she is wearing a wedding ring, though that may not mean anything. It looks like she is choosing to move on from their marriage, but she is open to raising the girls with their father.

Michael has posted several photos of his children on social media but there is nothing with their mother or Megan. He is still out of jail, released at some point after filming for Love After Lockup ended.

Megan was still in contact with Michael following the show ending. She has reshared photos of her and Michael from Niagara Falls, leading to speculation that there may still be a relationship happening between the two, though nothing has been confirmed. Megan did an Instagram live, and on it, it was reported she called Michael her soulmate. You can watch a recording of that video below.

As everyone moves forward, details about where the three stand will be shared. Social media is open following the ending of the show, and Love After Lockup viewers are waiting for confirmation to drop about who Michael is actually with or if he has another girl who wasn’t on the show.

Love After Lockup returns this summer to WEtv.

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