Love After Lockup spoilers: Glorietta’s mom attacks Alex, someone gets married, and Cheryl storms off on Josh

Glorietta on Love After Lockup.
Glorietta is ready to marry Alex but he may not be ready to marry her. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup spoilers are ripe for the picking. There has been a lot happening with the new cast, including several relationships that have viewers wondering if they are still together or if things fell apart as filming continued.

Glorietta and Alex haven’t had a lot of camera time, but last week he was released. The two appeared to be headed for bliss, but once Glorietta’s mom meets with them, it turns to chaos.

In the sneak peek video shared by cast member Amber Eggers, the confrontation between Alex and Glorietta’s mom is highlighted. She goes in on him and security has to step in. Does this mean this relationship is done?

Lizzy and Daniel have finally spent some time together since his release. They remained together while he was locked up but their contact was minimal as she says she had to work and take schooling seriously. Daniel’s mom is suspicious of her and believes that Lizzy is a drunk. In the sneak peek, his mom calls Lizzy an alcoholic and it doesn’t bode well.

Cheryl and Josh are toxic together. They are a ticking timebomb, and after her outburst last week, it isn’t shocking that this week will also see her storming away from Josh. Love After Lockup spoilers have already revealed the two are no longer together but is this the blowup that ended things for good?

Angela and Tony are a whole mess. Love After Lockup viewers have been following this story since Season 1. She is seen dumping out a suitcase on the side of the road. It is presumably Tony’s. Remember, she is currently looking for him as he decided not to go back to the halfway house. Her friend Tommy is along for the ride, and at this point, viewers are rooting for a hookup between them.

John is finally released and he and Lacey are back together. They are shown arguing. Love After Lockup viewers know she ended up marrying Shane back in July, so no one should be shocked that these two are volatile together.

The video also shows a couple getting married. The blonde hair alludes to the fact that it is likely Lacey. Did Love After Lockup film her wedding?

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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