Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup trailer reveals drama and physical altercations

Clint from Love After Lockup in a confessional.
Clint and Tracie are still in a tumultuous place. Pic credit: WEtv.

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup is set to begin in less than a month. The Love After Lockup spin-off will feature five couples that viewers got to know on Seasons 1 and 2.

While things may look like sunshine and roses on social media, the trailer for Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup reveals that there will be some arguments and physical altercations within some of the stories featured.

The biggest reveal from the Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup trailer was the first look at the two new baby girls born to Season 2 of Love After Lockup cast members. Sarah and Brittany both welcomed new babies but neither has shared photos of them on social media due to contract obligations.

Also, it is clear that Megan wasn’t able to steer clear of Michael and his marriage to Sarah. Despite their confrontation at the end of Season 2, the new trailer for Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup reveals that he is definitely still messing with both women. Which one will win the “prize” of keeping Michael?

Clint and Tracie had a tumultuous season. They were barely featured because shortly after she was released from jail, she was right back to using crack. Tracie was back behind bars and Clint was left to figure out the chaos she created without her. Now, the two are reunited and having some pretty explosive confrontations that were included in the trailer.

Andrea and Lamar are back in Utah and it looks like that is where she wants to stay. The last update Love After Lockup viewers received was that he was back behind bars and she was still in California with her kids. Now, the two are still having issues and he does not want to stay in Utah.

Scott and Lizzie appear to be split up still. When she decides to visit him in California and his girlfriend opens the door, things get heated. In fact, the trailer indicates Lizzie actually smacks Scott. Also, he appears to be standing in a doorway without any clothes on. Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup is going to be intense for this couple.

Finally, Brittany and Marcelino make an appearance. Aside from their daughter finally being shown, the couple appears to be doing about the same. They have a fight, which is because Marcelino is worried that Brittany may fall back into old habits. Both are shown in a courtroom, which may have something to do with Giovanni. Remember, the couple was accused of kidnapping Brittany’s son by her ex-boyfriend, Tito.

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup premieres Friday, June 14 on WEtv.

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