Lifetime and Hallmark launch Christmas movie season: Twitter reacts

Lifetime and Hallmark are already in the holiday spirit.
Hallmark and Lifetime launch Christmas movies and Twitter has thoughts. Pic Credit: Hallmark


Lifetime and Hallmark are already in the holiday spirit.
Hallmark and Lifetime launch Christmas movies and Twitter has thoughts. Pic credit: Hallmark

Christmas movie season has begun on Hallmark and Lifetime. Twitter is divided over the two networks launching the holiday season before Halloween.

Over the last decade, Hallmark Christmas movies have become a staple for the holiday season. The network launched its annual Countdown To Christmas this weekend, which is the official name for Hallmark’s holiday programming.

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Lifetime is also in the Christmas movie business. The network kicked off It’s A Wonderful Lifetime, the name of its holiday program, this weekend.

Both networks not only aired past holiday movies but launched the first original Christmas movies of 2019.

It was Hallmark vs Lifetime on Saturday night. Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, debuted on Hallmark, while The Road Home for Christmas was Lifetime’s choice.

Halloween has not even happened yet, but Lifetime and Hallmark are already airing original Christmas movies. Granted each network has been randomly airing some holiday favorites throughout the year.

However, there is something about the 2019 original films and all-day Christmas programming that has fans divided on Twitter. Several users are already glued to their televisions, while others are not happy the holiday movies are airing before Halloween.

Yes, the age-old debate of how early is too early to begin celebrating the holiday season. It used to be that Halloween and Thanksgiving had their special days before the Christmas songs, lights and movies emerged.

These days the holiday decorations hit the stores before summer ends. Lifetime and Hallmark at least waited until the end of October to start bombarding viewers with holiday programming.

One Twitter user joked Hallmark will soon begin airing new holiday programming the day after Christmas. Another had choice words for Christmas movies airing already.

Several others made it clear they are overjoyed for the network’s programming changes by declaring their day was spent in Christmas movie land.

Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies mark the beginning of the holiday season for many people. It can be good or bad depending on how much one loves this time of year or not.

What are your thoughts on Hallmark and Lifetime airing new Christmas movies before Halloween?

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