Who is Henry Golding and what is his movie Last Christmas really about?

You’ve probably heard the name Henry Golding and have seen him on TV or in the movies, but haven’t put the face to the name. That is about to change quickly. Golding is popping up all over the small screen this week promoting his new movie, Last Christmas, but where did this guy come from?


Lifetime and Hallmark launch Christmas movie season: Twitter reacts

  Christmas movie season has begun on Hallmark and Lifetime. Twitter is divided over the two networks launching the holiday season before Halloween. Over the last decade, Hallmark Christmas movies have become a staple for the holiday season. The network launched its annual Countdown To Christmas this weekend, which is the official name for Hallmark’s


Christmas movies in theaters: What’s coming up in the 2018 holiday season?

It’s Christmas time and this is the time of year to watch Christmas-themed movies with snow, cold weather and romance. And while there are plenty of flicks to check out on Netflix, sometimes we just need to get out of the house and head to the theaters to watch something new. This holiday season, we’ve