Kelly Ripa angry at ‘irritating’ producer who shushed her during Live

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa got mad at Michael Gelman and called him irritating. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa was not having the best day on her show, Live with Kelly and Mark.

And it did not get any better later in the show when she mouthed off to her producer.

The week’s theme is Fitness Week, and several segments are focused on workouts. It fits well with the monthly theme, Strive for More in ’24.

As a woman in this industry, Kelly is expected to stay thin and trim and has voiced her body image problems since her soap opera years.

Earlier in the day, Kelly voiced her concerns about what was coming up later in the day, and although her producer, Michael Gelman, tried to smooth things over, she was still seemingly agitated.

Kelly was not looking forward to showing too much of her body in the upcoming workout segment. Gelman thought it had been handled when he assured her she didn’t have to overexpose herself.

Kelly went into the workout segment upset

Kelly was afraid that she would show too much of her crotch during the exercise segment and was tense from the get-go.

The instructor, Jeff Cavaliere, was trying to instruct Mark Consuelos, Gelman, and Kelly on how to hold your body when things got heated between Kelly and Gelman.

The camera was focused on Jeff when Kelly got angry at Gelman and said, “You are so irritating.” What Gelman did to Kelly to make her say that so loudly is unclear.

Gelman chose to shush Kelly and then point back to Jeff as if to get the focus back on the fitness part of the segment.

Everyone in the audience laughed at the exchange, seen on the Live with Kelly and Mark in the clip below.

Gelman has irritated Kelly before on the show. They often bicker back and forth over how the segments should run. Kelly is seasoned enough not to need to be babied as much as Gelman tries to micromanage her.

Kelly lost her bet with Mark and had to pay up live on the air

Earlier in the week, as reported by Monsters and Critics, Kelly lost a bet with Mark and had to eat a Cuban sandwich live on the air.

Mark gleefully told the audience how his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won against Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles. If Kelly’s team won, he had to eat a Philly cheesesteake sandwich.

Mark captioned the post on Instagram, “A bet is a bet.”

We can all hope that Kelly will have a better ending to her week as she watches both Mark and Gelman in their fitness segments.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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