Kelly Ripa worried her workout segments may show too much

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa is worried that an upcoming segment may show too much. Pic credit: ©

This week on Live with Mark and Kelly fits the month’s theme, Strive for More in ’24.

Kelly and Mark chose the week’s theme to be “Fitness Week,” which is full of segments about healthy eating and working out.

During the host chat with her husband, Mark Consuelos, Kelly explained to the audience that there would be particular segments on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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Wednesday features a workout with Kelly. Then, as Kelly described it, the week continued with Mark and then Michael Gelman finishing with a flourish.

Kelly felt anxious about a segment during today’s show and decided to clarify her boundaries with Gelman before the live audience.

Kelly has admitted to having body image issues before and felt particularly self-conscious about this new workout segment Gelman had planned for them today.

Kelly makes sure to set the limits of her workout segment

In an upcoming feature with Jeff Cavaliere, a physical therapist and personal trainer, Kelly voiced her concerns to Gelman, the show’s producer.

She held her arm up above her head, gesturing, and said, “This means we will be showing our crotch to the audience. I would like the camera shots to be less crotch-centric ahead of workout segments.”

After Gelman reassured her they would respect her wishes, Kelly explained that she would wear sweatpants over her sweatpants just in case.

Gelman made sure to ease Kelly’s feelings of modesty, and the host chat continued as usual.

The idea of staying modest continued when Kelly introduced the fitness segment and said, “Here to help us improve our mobility and flexibility without showing our crotches, Jeff Cavaliere.”

The segment can be seen on the Live with Kelly and Mark’s YouTube channel.

Strive for More in ‘24: Mobility Exercises with Jeff Cavaliere

Kelly has struggled with her self-image since her All My Children years

Recently, Kelly posted a shot of her and Mark on Instagram that has her looking thinner than usual, causing fans to worry about her and her weight.

Kelly Ripa on Instagram.

On her podcast, Let’s Talk off Camera with Kelly Ripa, Kelly recounted how she felt after gaining 68 pounds in pregnancy and returning to work on the soap opera All My Children.

Kelly works out religiously to stay thin and trim and cares greatly about her appearance. She has even picked out her funeral dress for Mark to grab if she were to die quickly.

One time, she fainted. She told the audience the other day, and Mark made a hideous mess of dressing her for her ambulance trip.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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