Kelly Ripa doesn’t trust Mark Consuelos with the important funeral detail

Kelly Ripa Interview
Kelly Ripa is not trusting Mark Consuelos with an important funeral detail. Pic credit: ©

Did Kelly Ripa have a heart-to-heart with her husband and the audience to admit her deep-seated fears?

Today on Live with Kelly and Mark, it sure did seem that way when the couple started talking about their plans as they often do.

Kelly is always talking about wanting to retire and going to college when that happens. She admits to feeling at a loss because she didn’t finish college.

But then the next day, she will admit that she wants to move to Palm Beach and play bridge with other ladies, as she recently said.

All of these plans must have her thinking about the next chapter of her life and the inevitable death that must happen for everyone.

Dying seemed to be on her mind today when she admitted several fears she has about her husband, Mark Consuelos.

Kelly admits she doesn’t trust Mark with the details of her funeral

In an eye-opening admission, Kelly said that she keeps the dress she wants to be buried in at the ready in the back of her closet.

She went on to disclose some of her other fears for Mark during her funeral. She admitted, “I’m so fearful if he has to eulogize me.”

Kelly reached deep inside her for the courage to disclose these details and went even further, “First of all, at the funeral, it’ll be a buffet of all my least favorite things. It’ll be deviled eggs, it’ll be chicken wings, it’ll be glasses of milk.”

She went on to clarify that she was afraid Mark would dress her in something “crazy.” So, to alleviate those fears, she has it all planned out.

She said of the dress, “It’s a Dolce & Gabbana black dress. It’s ten years old. It’s elegant, it’s gorgeous, it’s black, it’s adorable.”

Kelly told the story of where these fears came from and why

Kelly has shared her body image issues stem from after she gave birth during her All My Children years. She said she didn’t recognize her body after a 68-pound weight gain.

During the show today, Kelly told the audience that after that pregnancy, she passed out at home, and Mark called 911.

The outlandish way he dressed her for that trip still shames her today. She shared that he put her in a green leotard, black sweatpants, and red pumps.

Kelly explained that the horrible way he dressed her was why these details were already planned out.

“That’s why I picked out my funeral clothes,” Kelly concluded.

Kelly looks excellent and shouldn’t have to worry about her weight or looks, but after today’s admissions, she still does. Fans were concerned by her latest Instagram photo.

Hopefully, it will be long before she worries more about retirement and funerals.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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