Kelly Ripa fumes to Michael Gelman, ‘I don’t speak your language’

Kelly Ripa and Michael Gelman on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa and Michael Gelman have worked together for decades. Pic credit: ©

Usually, Kelly Ripa seems irritated with her husband, Mark Consuelos, on their show, Live with Kelly and Mark.

She has blasted Mark before for his mockery of her. As reported by Monsters and Critics, Mark has started a preshow ritual where he imitates people.

This could be a way for him to “warm up” before facing the live audience since he is relatively new to being on the show daily.

When Ryan Seacrest left the show, he and Kelly began working together permanently in April. Kelly and Mark have a host chat that is full of fun banter back and forth. She tells viewers what bugs her about him and vice versa.

Just before Thanksgiving, Live with Kelly and Mark showcased some Thanksgiving recipes, and Kelly became frustrated with Michael Gelman, the show’s executive producer.

Here’s why Kelly Ripa snapped at Michael Gelman

Kelly Ripa introduced the segment and Michael by saying, “What could be a better addition to your Thanksgiving feast than a recipe by our very own micromanager, Gelman.”

The host explained why she thinks Gelman, as she calls Michael Gelman, is such a micromanager.

She revealed that Gelman had already precooked everything they would be cooking live on the show. Gelman planned to share his recipe for a dish — wild rice stuffing.

Gelman started directing Kelly and Mark, giving them tasks. They began chopping and mixing. Gelman described the ingredients and said it all gets mixed in, so Kelly threw some in the pot as the meat was cooking.

Gelman reprimanded her, “That was a no Kelly. Don’t put those in yet.”

A frustrated Kelly replied, “You said it all gets mixed in. I don’t understand your language.” Gelman clarified that he meant, “Yeah, later on.”

A loud laugh came from the audience, prompting Kelly to look at the person and ask for validation. “If somebody tells you ‘no, it gets all mixed in,’ doesn’t that mean it all gets mixed in?”

Still no, from Gelman, who replied, “That means it all gets mixed in later.”

Fans loved the recipe despite Kelly Ripa’s frustration

The recipe for Gelman’s can be found on the Live with Kelly and Mark website.

Fans on the Kelly and Mark Instagram account had nothing but good things to say about the recipe.

Fans of Live with Kelly and Mark on Instagram.
Pic credit: @livekellyandmark/Instagram

Fans seem to be overlooking Kelly’s irritation at Gelman and getting to the meat of the matter — the recipe.

One follower said, “Amazing recipe !!!!”

Another wished, “Happy Thanksgiving to you enjoy your family.”

Then another said, “Thank you Gelman! I made it, and it was very good. Pretty easy, too.”

One more said, “Looks delicious!!”

Kelly and Gelman have worked together for more than 22 years.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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