Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos take a quick trip to see Lola in London

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at a random event.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos jet off to London after a busy week in Las Vegas. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos wrapped up a fun-filled but tiring week in Las Vegas for their hit show Live with Kelly and Mark.

Instead of heading home to their apartment in New York City or to Michigan to see Joaquin at his college, the University of Michigan, they are off on another adventure.

Kelly and Mark just finished a weekend of concerts where they saw U2 and Adele and then taped four shows back to back from Las Vegas.

After all that activity, fans would think that Kelly and Mark deserved a long break before the shows back in NYC next week, but apparently, they had other plans.

Kelly often showcases what she’s doing behind the scenes or on her weekends on her Instagram Reels, the temporary stories that are not permanently on her Instagram.

Recently, she shared a photo of a tired and worn-out couple on their way not from Vegas to home but from Vegas to London.

An Instagram photo of Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa in a cab.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos went from Las Vegas to London to visit Lola. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram.

Kelly and Mark drop in to see Lola in London

Kelly and Mark are close to all three of their children. They frequently talk about visiting Michigan for a quick weekend to see Joaquin. Their other son, Michael, works for The Real Housewives of New Jersey show and is closer to their home.

Lola, their daughter, relocated to London and is much farther away from home, prompting quick visits as often as Kelly and Mark can get away.

A few weeks ago, Mark told everyone on LIVE that he had made a quick trip to Italy to see his soccer team, and Lola joined him. Kelly opted to stay home and chill, so it makes sense that she missed Lola and wanted to visit.

Kelly shared that she and Mark flew to London from Vegas to see Lola. She posted a lovely photo of the three of them.

Kelly Ripa posted a photo of Mark and Lola Consuelos on Instagram.
After a grueling week in Vegas, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos popped in to see Lola in London. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly, Mark, and Lola are all featured in the photo in front of the London Eye.

Kelly and Mark’s daughter Lola has a budding musical career

Lola, who moved to London last fall, had a musical career she is trying to get off the ground.

According to Elle, Lola has released two singles, is working on an EP, and is doing great in London after she graduated college. She told Elle, “London is amazing” and she is “making music everyone, please stream my songs. Tell your children to as well.”

Her latest single, Divine Timing, is on her YouTube channel.

It looks like Kelly and Mark had a good time visiting Lola in London, and hopefully, they will be good to go for a new week of shows in NYC.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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