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Jonathan Fernandez suspects boyfriend Trent Crews is cheating on Love & Hip Hop

Jonathan Fernandez on Love & Hip Hop
Jonathan Fernandez after catching Trent Crews in a lie on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop

Jonathan Fernandez flips out on this week’s Love & Hip Hop when he catches boyfriend Trent Crews in a lie — and starts to suspect he might be being unfaithful.

Jonathan’s suspicions are raised when he decides to surprise musician Trent at the studio where he lays down tracks. But when he turns up with fellow Love & Hip Hop star Anais, Trent is nowhere to be seen — despite saying that’s where he’ll be.

After being told by the receptionist that Trent definitively isn’t there, Jonathan lets rip to Anais once the pair get outside. The whole episode then leads to him starting to suspect that Trent might be cheating on him.

Image consultant Jonathan and R&B singer Trent have been Love & Hip Hop’s first gay couple, but we have known since the pre-season super-trailer that things don’t go smoothly between them as the season unfolds.

Footage in the trailer shows Jonathan telling Trent as he confronts him in the street: “You’re addicted to sex!”

On tonight’s episode Jonathan reveals to Anais that he’s going to start playing detective to see exactly what Trent has been getting up to. The pre-season sneak peek hinted that Jonathan does this by posing as a guy named Raul online.

Also on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop, Remy Ma and Papoose go one step closer to having a baby. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn reveals new body parts while Sophia and James R’s bond grows, but things get heated at the release party for his video when Jaquae, Self, and Snoop turn up.

Last week saw Mariahlynn leave Remy Ma stunned when she showed her a little more skin than she was expecting. It came during a conversation where Mariahlynn revealed she has body-confidence issues because of comments made about her online.

Love & Hip Hop airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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