Isabel on The Rookie: Who is Bradford’s ex-wife?

Mircea Monroe as Isabel on The Rookie.
Isabel’s back and complicating Bradford’s life on The Rookie. Pic credit: ABC

The Rookie is gearing up for the end of Season 5 with the final few episodes following a three-week hiatus.

In Season 5, Episode 20, The Rookie brings back two former characters to shake things up.

One of those is Tim Bradford’s (Eric Winter) former wife, Isabel (Mircea Monroe).

The character’s return adds some tension to the new relationship with Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil).

It’s been years since The Rookie viewers saw Isabel — since Season 1, in fact.

So, here’s a little refresher on the woman who once had Bradford’s heart.

Who is Isabel on The Rookie?

Isabel was introduced in the pilot episode, where she reached out to Bradford because she needed money. The character was hooked on drugs, and The Rookie viewers learn that caused her split with Bradford.

There’s a lot of guilt surrounding Bradford when it comes to his ex-wife. Isabel was working undercover in Narcotics when she got addicted to heroin. Bradford didn’t realize it until she was too far gone.

After getting arrested for drug possession, Isabel pleads for Bradford’s help. When Bradford searches her apartment, he finds the drugs but leaves them there to ensure Isabel will stay safely in jail.

To save herself, Isabel agrees to work as a CI to help take down her dealer’s supplier, who’s a big deal in the drug game. Much to Bradford’s dismay, the sting goes down with Isabel put in place.

The sting goes awry, with Isabel disappearing but not by her own doing. Isabel is later discovered badly beaten, pushing Bradford to the brink to put away to the drug seller.

When Isabel finally wakes up, she helps solve the case with Bradford by her side. After she recovers, Bradford breaks it off with her for both their sakes. They reflect on their relationship, with Isabel thanking him for never giving up on her.

That was the last time The Rookie viewers saw Isabel until now.

Why is Isabel back on The Rookie?

Isabel needs Bradford’s help. This time around, though, Isabel isn’t the one in trouble. Someone from her undercover past is in desperate need of help prompting Isabel to turn to The Rookie team.

While she isn’t there to stir the pot, Isabel’s presence has Tamara (Dylan Conrique) doing a little dirt digging on Bradford’s ex to ensure Chen won’t get hurt. Isabel being back also forces Chen and Bradford to deal with their future.

After all, the job ripped apart Bradford’s relationship with Isabel because they worked too much. Plus, since Chen is thinking about becoming an undercover detective, Isabel’s return serves kind of as a warning for Bradford.

The good news is Chen and Bradford have time to figure it out because, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, The Rookie has been renewed for Season 6.

The Rookie airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. Seasons 1-5 are streaming on Hulu.

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