How the commercials in WandaVision could be about the Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones in WandaVision episode 5 fight
Pic credit: Marvel Studios

With every episode of WandaVision, there are more questions than answers. Which is a testament to how innovative the new MCU based Disney Plus series truly is. 

But with episode 5 airing, there is a pattern to at least some aspect of the new series that could provide some answers. And it’s all hidden in the commercials that keep to the sitcom theme of each episode. 

The commercials definitely seem to relate to the Infinity Stones in WandaVision, given the latest commercial from episode 5. This adds to the existing pattern that is already part of the era-appropriate commercials that appear in every episode. 

Previously, there was a connection made to the commercials and Wanda’s own trauma. This still seems to be the case, with an added layer of the Infinity Stones. 

How are the Infinity Stones in WandaVision in the first place?

The first commercial was about a toaster from Stark Industries, relating to the destructive power of Stark’s weapons that killed Wanda’s parents. That power could also easily relate to the Power Stone itself. 

The second commercial was all about Strucker Watches with a Hydra insignia on the bottom. Given that it’s a timepiece, that commercial would be about the Time Stone. 

The Hydrasoak commercial that previously connected Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the show, was more about Hydra and their influence on Wanda. However, seeing how the soap was a blue rectangle, it could easily be connected to the Tesseract or the Space Stone. 

The most recent commercial came in WandaVision episode 5, about paper towels. The commercial saw a very Bounty-like pitch for absorbent paper towels that a housewife uses to clean up messes.

Infinity Stones in WandaVision episode 5 compare.
Pic credit: Marvel Studios

Lagos Paper Towels commercial show another Infinity Stone

Infinity Stones in WandaVision episode 5 mother.
Pic credit: Marvel Studios

The brand name of the towels was Lagos Paper Towels, and the tagline was “For when you make a mess you didn’t mean to.” This is in connection to the events of Captain America: Civil War.  

The opening of the movie saw Wanda trying to save the team from an explosion, but inadvertently ended up killing innocent civilians. Thereby kick-starting the need for superhero oversight, the main conflict of Civil War that tore the Avengers apart. 

While this connects to another trauma from Wanda’s life, there’s another potential explanation. The paper towels wipe up a spilled red liquid on the counter. 

This could easily be the Aether, seen in Thor: The Dark World. The Reality Stone is the only one that behaved like a liquid in that movie. 

Whether or not these commercials are directly referencing the Infinity Stone or not remains to be seen. Until then, we’ll have to wait for additional commercials during the series to confirm these theories, with the possibility of other Stones appearing as well.

WandaVision is now steaming on Disney+. 

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