His Dark Materials Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

His Dark Materials Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?
Lyra on His Dark Materials. Pic credit: BBC

His Dark Materials hit BBC and HBO in 2019 and brought the world of Philip Pullman’s novels to life on the small screen.

While there was a movie based on it before, the detractors pointed out how it differed too greatly from the source material, and this gave the entertainment world a chance to get it right.

The first season of this fantasy series introduced the world to Lyra, the young orphan who discovered a new world. It also introduced her parents (although she had no idea they were her parents) in Lord Asriel and Marisa Coulter, two people on different sides of an ongoing war between religious forces and explorers.

With the first season a critical hit, here is what we know about His Dark Materials Season 2.

This article provides everything that is known about His Dark Materials Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

  • Updated on Nov. 8: His Dark Materials Season 2 release date.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of His Dark Materials?

There will be a second season of His Dark Materials, and it is coming a lot sooner than anyone expected.

As a matter of fact, there was a trailer released for His Dark Materials Season 2 at the virtual ComicCon from San Diego than just took place.

Here is a look at the new trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2.

Release date latest: When is His Dark Materials Season 2 likely to come out?

The series was supposed to be eight episodes but was reduced to seven due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, there is great news.

His Dark Materials will not be postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19, as much of it was already shot. The show will return this fall on both BBC and HBO.

The main episodes (outside of the one that was cut) finished shooting before Christmas 2019, so there was plenty of time for post-production and editing before the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the world’s film production.

The official release date for His Dark Materials is Nov. 16.

His Dark Materials Season 2 cast updates

First up, the bad news.

James McAvoy will not be in Season 2 of His Dark Materials. This is sad, but his role had to be cut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This might be unfortunate, but his appearance was only set to be during one self-contained episode, so the cutting of it will not hurt the main storyline, although it will make the season seven episodes instead of eight.

“It was separate from the other seven episodes because it was a standalone episode which Jack had written with the blessing and input of Philip Pullman,” executive producer Jane Tranter said at ComicCon.

“[It] looked at what Lord Asriel had been doing between going through the anomaly at the end of season one and when we see Lord Asriel at the beginning of book three The Amber Spyglass.

McAvoy’s Lord Asriel should return in Season 3 of the series, though, which will assuredly be based on The Amber Spyglass.

“We were one day into shooting that, and Boris [Johnson] called the lockdown, so it’s gone now, unfortunately, so I’m barely going to be in Season 2,” McAvoy said.

Dafne Keen will return in the lead role as Lyra Belacqua.

The cast for His Dark Materials Season 2 also features Luther star Ruth Wilson as Lyra’s mother, Mrs. Coulter, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby, and newcomer Amir Wilson as Will Parry.

Fleabag actor Andrew Scott joins the cast as Will’s dad, Colonel John Parry. Turn Up Charlie actress Jade Anouka takes on the new role as witch queen Ruta Skadi.

Also, Peaky Blinders star Simone Kirby stars as Mary Malone and Golden Globe-winning actor Terence Stamp joins the cast as Giacomo Paradisi.

His Dark Materials: Season 2

For people who have read the books on which the show is based, this new season will be based on the second book in the Philip Pullman trilogy, The Subtle Knife.

As the trailer showed, Lyra is no longer in her world and is in the modern world that sits parallel to the world we saw in the first season.

In the trailer, Lyra meets Will in our world, although he claims he is also from “another place.”

In the ComicCon panel, writer Jack Thorne said Lyra and Will would have to learn to trust in Season 2:

“I think what Philip’s written in The Subtle Knife is a beautiful poem about trust. About the way that characters have to learn to trust again,” Thorne stated.

He continued, “Will, his life has taught him to trust nothing. Lyra has learned through season 1 that she can’t trust anything. And then slowly, this beautiful flower emerges between them.”

His Dark Materials Season 2 arrives on HBO Max on Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. EST.

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