His Dark Materials Season 3 already in talks for HBO

Will His Dark Materials get a second season: Did HBO renew the Phillip Pullman adaptation?
Lyra on His Dark Materials will return for season 2. Pic credit: HBO

His Dark Materials Season 2 will premiere is just over a week.

The second season arrives on November 16 on both BBC One and at 9/8c on HBO Max.

And to expand on the good news, it seems that Season 3 is already in the planning stages, and fans should plan on seeing more of the Philip Pullman adaptation.

What we know about His Dark Materials Season 3

His Dark Materials executive producer, Jane Tranter, and star Ruth Wilson (Mrs. Coulter) sat down with Deadline for an interview about the show’s new season.

The first two seasons of the show were shot back-to-back prior to the airing of the first season, allowing HBO to ensure that at least two seasons would air on the network.

This also helped HBO provide new episodes to subscribers despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has shut down production on new series.

It turns out that Season 3 is planned, although there has not been any word from HBO about it yet.

Tranter said they are working at full speed on creating Amber Spyglass, the third novel in the His Dark Materials trilogy.

“We are working on six out of the eight scripts at the moment and have good outlines for seven and eight, and it’s just very, very exciting,” Tranter said. “I have to say, Amber Spyglass is my favorite out of the three novels.”

As for Ruth Wilson, she is excited about what th third season of His Dark Materials on HBO Max has in store for her character.

“She goes on a great journey in Season 3,” Wilson said. “I can’t wait to get back into Mrs. Coulter’s boots.”

What is His Dark Materials Season 3 about?

His Dark Materials Season 3 will adapt the Amber Spyglass novel.

In that novel, Will is the bearer of the knife, accompanied by angels.

His task is to deliver that weapon to Lord Asriel, but Lyra is gone. The two great powers of the many worlds are preparing for war, and Will has to find Lyra.

Together, they head into battle in a journey that takes them to the world of the dead.

“Having had the confidence to make His Dark Materials, and Season 3 will stretch that confidence for us again, there’s part of me that when I look forward, I think, ‘Okay, what can we do that’s bigger than that? If we can do all of this, what else can we do?'” Tranter said.

His Dark Materials returns to HBO Max on November 16 at 9/8c.

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