Here’s why The View Fans should not worry about it being canceled like The Talk

Joy Behar at a random event
Joy Behar and the other ladies at The View seem safe from cancellation. Pic credit: ©

Will The View return for Season 28 this fall, and if not, what will take its place? Many fans may ask that question after surprising news about The Talk.

When one talk show is canceled, fans wonder if their favorite one will be axed, too, and The View fans may wonder how it is doing and if it will be renewed.

The Talk, which seemed created to compete with The View, will end its run in December with Season 15.

CBS announced that The Talk, with Sheryl Underwood, Jerry O Connell, and Natalie Morales will finish up a shortened season in December 2024 and not return in January 2025, Deadline reports.

The View has not yet been renewed for Season 28, and that news may not come until later that summer, like last year. However, there are clues that the renewal will come soon.

Despite rumors circulating last month that ABC dropped The View from the lineup, reported them as false and quoted a network spokesperson saying The View “is the most watched among U.S. daytime talk shows.”

Brian Teta drops a hint about The View on the podcast

Joy Behar joined Brian Teta on The View: Behind the Table recently to speak about surviving the recent earthquake, eclipse, and fire trifecta of emergencies that had taken place in NYC.

Last week, an earthquake caused a commotion, with alarms sounding off during filming. Then, on Monday, there was the eclipse. A fire also rounded out the week when The Tamron Hall Show had a grease fire.

Brian let out a little tidbit, which is great news about The View returning for Season 28. As the executive producer of The View, Brian is the guy who would know if The View is returning or not.

Brian shared that he has approved the mugs for the next season. The mugs have pictures of current hosts like Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines.

If he has already given the go-ahead for the merchandise, that is an excellent clue that all the hosts will be returning for the following year.

Fans are weighing in on if they are happy about the ladies returning again

From time to time, fans call for a shakeup on The View, and one fan took them to task, saying, “For those of you calling for firings of various hosts. Yesterday on the podcast, Brian said he has approved next years mugs. So, too bad for you. Everyone is staying.”

Another fan shared, “I like the current panel, so I’m cool with it staying the same.”

Then, one fan made a good point: “I wouldn’t want anyone fired. Just a little bit more respect of each other’s opinions and their time to speak without being interrupted or intimidated.”

Fans of The View post on Reddit
Fans of The View weigh in. Pic credit: u/Lower_Alternative770/r/theview/Reddit

While Brian said he approved the mugs, he did not say who was on them, so there may still be a shakeup in the cast.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Gloria P Rikard
Gloria P Rikard
1 month ago

The View SUCKS! Wouldn’t watch this bias racist political show if you paid me to watch it. Joy Behar, biggest racist of all. The Talk is a great show, entertaining. not bias racist or political. Should have kept it and got rid of The View!!