Here’s why fans think Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars Do America is ‘surprised’ during this deal

Rick Harrison at an event
Fans of Pawn Stars Do America noticed that Rick Harrison was “surprised” over this deal. Pic credit: ©

Surprising an old professional like Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars takes a lot, but he looked like he was surprised in an upcoming episode.

Over the years, he has seen almost everything come through his shop, and now that he is taking his crew around America on Pawn Stars Do America, fans have noticed something about a deal.

In the teaser that Pawn Stars dropped on YouTube for Season 2 Episode 10, Desert Beach, something about an interaction with a seller seems to have fans talking.

This week, the crew, Rick, his son Corey Harrison, and employee Chumlee were in Mesa, Arizona, to look for fabulous finds for the pawn shop back in Las Vegas.

Although Rick may be an expert on many things, he still likes to hire experts on particular objects to offer a price intelligently and avoid losing money.

In this case, a seller brought in an inherited musket, and Rick called in an expert to evaluate it. The aftermath of the evaluation had fans saying he looked “surprised.”

Rick is ‘surprised’ about this seller’s actions on Pawn Stars Do America

A seller thought she inherited a “rifle,” but Rick quickly educated her about the differences between rifles and muskets during an upcoming episode of Pawn Stars Do America.

During a quick exchange with Rick and a seller, Alex Cranmer, an expert, was called in to determine whether the musket the seller wanted to sell was worth $2000.

As soon as it was revealed that this musket, invented by Baron Charles Louis Heurteloup, was worth much more than the $2000 she wanted, Rick knew that he had to up his offer.

In the clip, fans noticed what happened when Rick offered the seller a whopping $5000 off the bat for the musket.

Fans took the time to comment about Rick being surprised that the seller took the $5000 and did not want to haggle for more.

One fan said, “Rick was surprised she took that first offer. Guess some folks don’t like haggling.”

A Pawn Stars fan noticed Rick Harrison was 'surprised' during a deal
Pic credit: @PawnStars/Youtube

A fan called the interaction the “First time I have seen someone take the first offer after it goes up. Respect to that lady.”

Another fan clarified that it had happened before, especially if the seller just “wanted it gone.”

Fans of Pawn Stars comment on a deal by Rick Harrison
Pic credit: @PawnStars/Youtube

Rick shares with Ben Weiss how he got started in the pawn business

Rick Harrison sat down with Ben Weiss on his podcast, Legends N Leaders, and recounted how he came to own a pawn shop license.

It is an incredible story because Las Vegas stopped issuing pawn shop licenses in 1955 because of a law stating that another permit could not be sold until the city’s population reached 250,000.

It was 1988, and Rick wanted a license issued to him without paying an exorbitant fee. His tenacity scored him his license, and the rest is Pawn Stars history.

It is terrific that Rick ultimately got his license and can now entertain everyone each week with the Pawn Stars and its spin-off, Pawn Stars Do America.

Pawn Stars Do America airs Wednesdays 8/7c on History and streams the next day.

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