Grey’s Anatomy spoilers: A major character is leaving the show

Meredith Grey Star Ellen Pompeo
If Ellen Pompeo returns for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, the cast will look a bit different. Pic credit: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers like these require a person to be sitting down when they get ready to read about them.

Viewers who tuned in for the new episode on Thursday night likely got an inkling of what’s coming, but there is more to it than Jackson Avery simply seeing April Kepner again.

The episode was a bit disjointed, but that was done on purpose in order to tell two stories at the same time. One of the stories was about Jackson heading out to visit his dad in Montana, and the second one was Jackson visiting April with an important topic to discuss.

Having the stories basically play out at the same time during the episode may have messed with the timeline that the story presented, but it helped add a lot of drama about where Grey’s Anatomy is heading as Season 17 draws to a close.

Let’s get right to the huge Grey’s Anatomy spoilers.

Jesse Williams is leaving Grey’s Anatomy

In the next new episode, Jackson Avery is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. The character of Jackson is moving on to other things, with the plan to take April with him and move to Boston. He is ready to take over the Avery Foundation and really start making a difference in the world.

And he went to April to ask her to go with him.

When is the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy for Jesse Williams?

It will be on the May 20 episode of Grey’s Anatomy that the character of Jackson Avery appears for the last time. It will allow the writers and actor Jesse Williams to end the character’s arc on a positive note. As for why this is happening, Williams’ contract has come to an end, and he is just looking to move on to other projects.

Unfortunately for the fans, this does mean that the show is taking a week off from new episodes on the ABC schedule. It gives a lot of time for ABC to heavily promote the final episode for Jackson Avery. And we are going to make sure to be there for every minute of it.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 mystery

There is still a mystery about whether or not Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will be ordered by ABC. The important step is to get star Ellen Pompeo under contract so that she can return and continue playing Meredith Grey. Without her, though, the show might not come back in the fall.

What we do know, now, is that if Pompeo does return, the Grey’s Anatomy cast is going to look a bit different.

It’s been really nice to see Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams find closure for their characters. When Chyler Leigh returned as Lexie Grey, she did an interview where she talked about how much she loved the chance to come back for one final episode to get her own closure.

Remember, make sure to tune in on Thursday, May 20, to see the final episode for Jesse Williams and Dr. Jackson Avery. We fully expect viewers to need a box of tissues on hand.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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