Grey’s Anatomy promo: Season 17, Episode 15 will be must-see TV

Miranda Bailey Grey's Season 17
The Grey’s Anatomy episode called Tradition is going to be an emotional one. Pic credit: ABC

The Grey’s Anatomy promo for Season 17, Episode 15 was released last night and it is going to be one of those must-see episodes for the franchise.

In the episode called Look Up Child, Dr. Jackson Avery came to the conclusion that he wanted to leave Seattle to move to Boston and take over the Avery Foundation.

And on the new Grey’s Anatomy promo, we see how some of the other characters are going to react when Avery tells them the big news. To say that they are shocked is putting things mildly.

One person in particular who is featured in the promo for Season 17, Episode 15 is Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is definitely caught off guard by the news, but she usually becomes very supportive when it comes to one of her “kids” leaving the nest.

But that May 20 episode called Tradition isn’t the only thing showcased during the new Grey’s Anatomy promo. We also get a brief glimpse at the Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode from Season 2 that is going to be featured on May 13.

Grey’s Anatomy promo for new episode

Below is the roughly 30-second promo that ABC is airing that covers the next two weeks of Grey’s Anatomy. It begins by showing footage of the May 20 episode and then provides glimpses of the two Season 2 episodes that will air on May 13.

Secret out about Grey’s Anatomy spoilers

The secret is out of the bag about Dr. Jackson Avery leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Actor Jesse Williams is leaving the show and his final episode will be the one debuting on May 20. As shown in the promo, he is going to have a really important scene with Dr. Meredith Grey, and for once this season, it isn’t going to take place on that beach of hers.

The moment between Jackson and Meredith is likely to be just one of many that will be extremely emotional during the May 20 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. At least we all have two weeks to prepare mentally because the show is going to look a lot different without one of its main characters from the past 12 years.

Is Grey’s Anatomy ending?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 has not been ordered by ABC yet. It makes us nervous about the future of the show and worrisome that the Grey’s Anatomy series finale could be coming up very soon. The showrunner did note that they were approaching the Season 17 finale as if it could be the end of the show (just in case), which adds some more drama to the situation.

We hope that amid all of the big episodes that ABC is rolling out during the month of May, there is also going to be a revelation about more episodes getting ordered. That would be the perfect Grey’s Anatomy news to hear, even as some of the main characters move on to other projects.

It was great to see Chyler Leigh return as Lexie Grey to provide closure for that particular character, and it was very emotional to say goodbye to DeLuca earlier in the season. Now, maybe, it’s time for some good news that doesn’t involve Grey’s Anatomy cast departures.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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