Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode: Season 17 breaks for flashback week

Kyle Chandler Grey's Anatomy
Kyle Chandler had one of the most memorable guest-starring appearances the Grey’s Anatomy cast has ever seen. Pic credit: ABC

The Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode is going to air again as ABC gives Season 17 a break on Thursday nights.

It’s an odd move for a network to be airing repeat episodes during sweeps month, but it has been an odd season for all of television due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the Grey’s Anatomy episode from this past week, we learned that Dr. Jackson Avery is leaving the show. We got to see him reunited with April Kepner for an evening, but an upcoming episode will be the last time we see the character on the show.

The Japril reunion was definitely worth watching, but now we have to take a week off before we learn how the rest of the people at Grey Sloan Memorial will react to Jackson’s news.

The promo for the May 20 episode of Grey’s Anatomy also includes a preview of what ABC plans to air on Thursday, May 13.

Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode returns to primetime

On the night of May 13, ABC will be re-airing two episodes from Grey’s Anatomy Season 2. The first episode is titled It’s the End of the World, and it originally aired on February 5, 2006. In what has often been referred to as the Grey’s Anatomy Super Bowl episode, a patient enters the hospital with an unexploded ordinance inside of them. The only thing keeping it from going off is the young paramedic who has her arm inside of his chest cavity.

The second episode of the night is called As We Know It, and it might as well be called the second part of this story. This is often referred to as the Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode. In it, Meredith Grey’s life is in danger as she takes over for the paramedic and we get to see a lot of guest star Kyle Chandler, as he plays Dylan Young of the Seattle Bomb Squad.

It’s the End of the World is well-known as the Grey’s Anatomy Super Bowl episode, as it debuted following the February 2006 Super Bowl that aired on ABC.

Together, these are two of the best episodes that the show has created, so it made sense for the network to bring them back during a season that has been all about re-visiting characters from the past. It all begins at 8/7c on Thursday, May 13.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 information needed

The 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy has still not been ordered by ABC. The network has been waiting for Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and several other stars to sign new contracts before ordering more episodes of the show.

A lot of the Grey’s Anatomy cast has contracts that come to an end at the finish of Season 17, so negotiations have had to take place to get people to return to the show. We are hoping that everything can be figured out because we don’t want the final season of Grey’s Anatomy to be one that was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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3 years ago

Kyle Chandler received an Emmy nomination for guest-starring in this episode of Greys Anatomy.