Gallo’s TikTok date on Chicago Fire is pretty famous

Cait Fairbanks Red Carpet
Cait Fairbanks joined the Chicago Fire cast for a new episode. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Chicago Fire introduced a woman named Kayla in the latest episode, and she was using TikTok to track down a firefighter who had saved her life.

At Firehouse 51, the shift became convinced that it was Blake Gallo who she was searching for, as he had been one of the people to respond to that call.

Gallo was a bit nervous about going on the date, but he noted that she was “cute” and decided to take the risk, especially after Joe Cruz told him about meeting his wife Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie) at a fire.

The date started out with some ax-throwing, where Gallo was trying to show off a bit, and they met up again at Molly’s later in the episode.

Unfortunately for Gallo, he figured out that it was another firefighter who had saved Kayla, and Violet Mikami urged him to come clean at Molly’s.

Gallo did come clean, but he went a tad far in his apologies, where he also admitted to sleeping with the niece of Christopher Herrmann. This led to Kayla walking out on him.

Who plays Kayla on the Chicago Fire cast?

Some television viewers may have recognized the actress playing Kayla right away because she stars as Tessa Porter on The Young and the Restless.

Actress Cait Fairbanks already has more than 400 episodes to her credit on the famous soap opera, and she is still going strong with new episodes in 2023.

It’s unclear if she will be seen again on Chicago Fire, especially since her character seemed pretty miffed, but it’s interesting to see another soap star dropping by One Chicago.

More news from Chicago Fire

Some dramatic news has come out about the show, with Taylor Kinney taking leave from Chicago Fire. It’s something that caught fans of the show by surprise, and his departure created some shockwaves.

The small piece of good news is that the new episode of Chicago Fire features Kelly Severide, so fans are going to see a lot of him when the show returns from its latest hiatus.

The One Chicago return date was pushed back as well, so take note that the advertisements showing February 8 as the drop date are incorrect.

And for fans who want to jump ahead, some information was given by the showrunners about what happens with Cindy Herrmann.

To go back and watch the episode of Chicago Fire that features Cait Fairbanks playing Kayla, fans can stream Season 11, Episode 12 on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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