Floribama Shore Season 4: Was the show renewed or canceled by MTV?

Floribama Shore logo.
Floribama Shore fans want Season 4. Pic credit: MTV

Floribama Shore Season 3 is coming to an end tonight. Viewers are now wondering whether the show will get picked up for another season or if this group will be calling it quits for good.

A lot has happened this season on Floribama Shore among the housemates. Jeremiah and Gus had a falling out, and nothing has been the same since.

Candace is feeling the heat among the other cast members and has expressed wanting to tell all on social media.

With all of the chaos happening just before they leave the Floribama Shore house, will the friends be able to reconcile in hopes of another summer together?

Will MTV renew Floribama Shore for Season 4?

At this point, MTV is still dubbing the finale as the season finale, not the series finale. There has been no official decision about Season 4 yet, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

When Season 2 of Floribama Shore ended, it looked like Gus Symrnios would be saying goodbye to the house forever. He returned last summer to film with the gang.

Season 3 of Floribama Shore wasn’t officially announced until just before it was filmed. The cast all went on social media hiatus and then returned about a month after disappearing.

An announcement about a new season is typically made in mid-June. The same will likely happen this year, especially if MTV can get the entire cast to agree to return.

Who should return for Season 4 of Floribama Shore?

It looks like there may be some bad blood between the Floribama Shore cast members. A feud has been hinted, but none of them have come out and confirmed they were against one another.

The addition of Mattie Breaux this season spiced things up in the house. She was on Floribama Shore because of her connection to Gus from MTV’s The Challenge and because she was a part of Party Down South, which filmed with the same production company.

Viewers have enjoyed having her around, and she vibes with the group.

Kortni Gilson didn’t appear much this season. She left Floribama Shore to have a tonsillectomy, but only returned briefly before having to leave again.

Kortni addressed her issues in a sitdown with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Following those revelations, it is unclear if she will return to the spotlight or remain working on her issues behind the scenes.

MTV would be crazy not to renew Floribama Shore for another season.

There are a few more months to get through before filming would begin, so viewers are hopeful there will be another round of this group vacationing for the summer.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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