Why did Kortni leave Floribama Shore and what happened to her?

Kortni Gilson during a Floribama Shore confessional.
Kortni revealed some deep things after leaving Floribama Shore. Pic credit: MTV

Kortni left Floribama Shore last week after what can only be described as a major low. After a night of drinking, the reality star went to a dark place and let out the emotion she had been keeping inside for so long.

She was only back at the Floribama Shore house for a short time before leaving once again. Kortni left the first time because she had a tonsillectomy. While it looked like she had been gone for a long time, she was only away from her housemates for two weeks or so.

Why did Kortni break down on Floribama Shore?

The cab ride after a night of drinking for Kortni was tough. She had been acting strange while out with her housemates, and many viewers thought she might have been on drugs. Social media was buzzing about her, but no one had any idea what had happened to Kortni.

Floribama Shore decided to cut the footage of some of what happened in the cab ride. The show made a note of it, and when the other cast members exited the cab, it was apparent something awful had occurred.

Mattie was hugging Kortni, and Codi was visibly upset at what was said on the way home.

It was revealed that Kortni had been raped when she was 16 by boys she believed were her friends. While the conversation that took place on Floribama Shore will never be made available, some of what happened was shared.

Kortni talked to Dr. Drew Pinsky about what happened and the gains she made toward working on her mental health. The video of their conversation was shared following the episode airing.

What is next for Kortni and Floribama Shore?

At this point, what happens next for Kortni and her time on Floribama Shore is unknown. Season 3 is currently airing, and a fourth season has not yet been announced by MTV.

In Kortni’s place, Mattie Breaux has been gaining a lot of love from Floribama Shore viewers. Should MTV decide to pick it up without Kortni, having the Party Down South and The Challenge alum take her place would be a good move.

Viewers had no idea what Kortni had been through, and neither did her Floribama Shore housemates. Being thrust into the limelight brought everything to the surface, and alcohol amplified it.

Fortunately, Kortni sought help and is working through treatment to heal the wounds that have been plaguing her for years.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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