Fear the Walking Dead: Filming officially starts on Season 7

Lennie James stars as Morgan, as seen in Episode 8 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 6
Lennie James stars as Morgan, as seen in Episode 8 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 6. Pic credit: AMC/Ryan Green

Filming has officially begun on Season 7 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. The hit zombie apocalypse series had been renewed late last year, and now production kicks off just as the sixth season returns to the small screen.

The announcement was made via Fear the Walking Dead’s official Instagram account. The image revealed that they were currently filming for Episode 3, which would be directed by Ron Underwood.

As yet, there is very little news regarding where the story is headed in Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead. However, it is possible that Virginia (Colby Minifie) and her group, the Pioneers, could still be around.

Here’s what we know about Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead

Already, the cast and crew involved with Fear the Walking Dead have spoken out regarding the Season 6 finale.

Speaking at the recent Wondercon@Home 2021 event, Lennie James, who plays Morgan, revealed details of the Season 6 finale.

“It’s epic and it’s massive, and it is also intimate and it’s tiny — and it all happens over such a short space of time,” Morgan said. “The entire finale, it’s like it happens over a held breath.”

Jenna Elfman also shared further information regarding the lead up to Season 7.

“[Season 6B] gets extremely potent for every character,” Elfman revealed.

“Every character is going to be hit by impacts of life that truly change them. That will launch us into Season 7 in a way that just catapults the story because every character is going to be profoundly changed by significant experiences they are going to go through, through each of these episodes in the back half.”

Fear The Walking Dead announced their return on Instagram, writing: “And we’re back! #FearTWD Season 7 has started production!”

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss also believes that the remaining episodes of Season 6 are among the best they have ever produced.

“The end of this season is gonna have far-reaching changes… It’s really gonna change what this show is, going forward into Season 7,” Chambliss added.

Of course, none of this really gives any concrete details regarding the storyline for Season 7. Although, plenty of fans voiced their opinion in the comments section of the Instagram post that they would like to see the return of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens).

When will Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead air?

With filming only just starting, it is unclear when Season 7 will air. Already, with delays caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, it is very hard to predict air times for either Fear the Walking Dead or the original series, The Walking Dead, both of which usually had a fairly predictable schedule.

It is also unclear if Season 7 will be the final season for Fear. However, Chambliss has previously spoken out about the show continuing, according to Comic Book.

“We have not had any specific conversations about when the show would end,” Chambliss said.

“We have our own ideas about how we think the show should conclude, but for right now, we’re just going to keep telling the stories and do it for as long as AMC says to keep doing it.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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