Fear the Walking Dead renewed for Season 7

Fear the Walking Dead renewed for Season 7
Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 zombies were intense. Pic credit: Ryan Green/AMC

While The Walking Dead is coming to an end after its 11th season, Fear the Walking Dead will continue on.

Variety reported on December 3 that AMC has renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a Season 7.

This announcement came while Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 is still midway through its season.

Fear the Walking Dead renewed

According to Variety, AMC announced the renewal of Fear the Walking Dead today.

The Walking Dead’s parent series will end after a two-part Season 11. That show will be oversized with two 12-episode chunks, plus six more episodes of Season 10 that never aired due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic shut down its production early.

The Walking Dead had its Season 10 “finale” right before the premiere of the new spin-off series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

As for Fear the Walking Dead, the new season is about to hit its midseason mark and will keep moving forward while the original series closes the chapter on its story.

The Walking Dead universe

Fear the Walking Dead will not be alone when it comes to AMC continuing on with the zombie franchise. While the viewership numbers are lower than they were when it was at its high point, The Walking Dead franchise is still one of the most-watched on television.

On top of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 in 2021, there will also be the second season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

That show is unique as it is a limited two-season series. AMC is wanting to create more of these short-form stories within the world of The Walking Dead that does not require fans to remain onboard for multiple seasons, blocking new fans from joining on.

Also coming is the Carol and Daryl spin-off series. While the original Walking Dead series will come to an end, AMC still plans to do a lot with these two popular characters, although it might end up as a limited season series as well.

Finally, there is a new anthology series coming titled Tales of The Walking Dead. This is the most interesting of the new shows as it will feature a new story with new characters every week, showing how the world-ending zombie apocalypse affected people across the world.

That means there will be at least five shows in The Walking Dead franchise starting in 2021, as well as the upcoming Rick Grimes movies and the final season of the parent series.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere late in 2021 on AMC.

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