Fear the Walking Dead Season 6B: AMC teases Madison’s return with spoiler alert

Kim Dickens stars as Madison Clark, as seen in Episode 3 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 3
Kim Dickens stars as Madison Clark, as seen in Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3. Pic credit: AMC/Michael Desmond

AMC has teased fans of Fear the Walking Dead with a recent post to their official Twitter account. In the shared image of terms to mute to avoid spoilers, the names “Madison” and “Kim Dickens” were featured, leading to speculation once again that Madison was finally returning to the zombie apocalypse series.

AMC shared the update due to the fact that the Season 6 return would air early on their AMC+ platform and was issuing a warning for those who would not be able to watch early and wanted to avoid potential spoilers.

Of course, the question remains as to why Madison’s name, along with the actor who played her would feature on the post considering Madison died all the way back in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead — or did she?

Ever since Madison led a massive horde of the undead into the Dell stadium and closed the doors, trapping her inside with the walkers, there has been speculation regarding whether or not the character would return.

Why don’t fans believe Madison is dead?

Madison died off-screen.

For a longer take on this, fans have to look back over AMC’s original series, The Walking Dead, as well as Fear the Walking Dead. Many times characters have been “fake” killed off-screen only to return “surprisingly” at a later date.

And, this is something that is notoriously done across many other mediums, not just on The Walking Dead. Off-screen deaths on other TV shows, movies, and books, among other platforms, are often a giveaway that a character will return safe and well at some point.

After all, main characters deserve a fitting death, not just some throwaway action without all of the fanfare — and blood and gore when it comes to shows such as Fear the Walking Dead.

Will Madison really return this time?

It’s hard to say if Madison will return to Fear the Walking Dead. As Forbes points out, why would Dickens even want to return to a show where she was the main character and she was relegated to an off-screen death and replaced by Morgan (Lennie James), a character from another Walking Dead show?

It would be a pretty hard sell to kill off Madison and then have AMC try to bring Dickens back on board at a later date. However, Dickens has often said that she was sad to see the demise of her character and that she was proud of Madison so, maybe, there is a chance she could come back.

Another option is that this has been the biggest scam since the very start. Perhaps AMC and Dickens have been in on this all along. Maybe Dickens was told she would be fake killed and would return at a later date?

In addition, there was news recently that filming was underway at the same location used to shoot the Dell stadium scenes, leading to speculation of Madison’s return. This could also tie in with the latest post by AMC regarding avoiding spoilers.

Of course, until the episode airs on Sunday night, fans can only speculate on whether or not they are being duped by AMC yet again regarding this character.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 returns April 11 on AMC.

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Rhonda Powers
Rhonda Powers
3 years ago

I don’t know about this, but I was upset & disappointed that Ranger was killed & turned on 4/11/21 ep.!