FBI Tuesdays stars show pics from the start of season filming

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

The casts of FBI Tuesdays are getting back on the job. 

Just after several of the actresses of the hit franchise honored the 50th anniversary of women joining the FBI as agents, the casts of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International are preparing for their new seasons. 

Each show has some big stuff coming, including two series welcoming new cast members while the mothership FBI adjusts to a temporary replacement hanging on longer.

Each set has a different vibe, yet the cast and crew are determined to use that to bring some good excitement to the shows. 

All the actors appear to be having a good time being back at work and prepared to make the new years of the shows all the better for the fans. 

After the typical summer hiatus, all the shows are back in production, and the casts show how it feels to be back in action.

FBI stars share new season pictures

Several stars for each FBI series enjoyed celebrating their first day back at work.

John Boyd, who plays Special Agent Stuart Scola, posted a short video writing out “let’s go” on a chalkboard. 

Shantel VanSanten, who plays Special Agent Nina Chase, shared a pic of herself on set. The actress was supposed to be a temporary fill-in while Missy Peregrym was on maternity leave.

Peregrym recently confirmed her return to the show would take longer than expected, which means Nina will remain on the team for a while. 

Dylan McDermott shared his image looking just like his stylish Agent Remy Scott with the line “back to work.”

Heida Reed posted a picture of herself and Luke Kletintank alongside the Fly Team’s beloved mascot Tank, with “we’re back!”

Other cast members will likely show more of their pics and videos to highlight the significant changes to each show. 

FBI Tuesdays are in for big changes

All three FBI shows ended their seasons with significant developments to play into the new year.

The mothership FBI show had its Season 4 finale delayed due to the real-life school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. There is still no word on when that episode might air. 

FBI: Most Wanted explained that Ortiz was in Los Angeles tending to his ill father. It was then confirmed Miguel Gomez would be leaving the series.

The Season 4 premiere will have Edwin Hodge joining as new team member Ray Cannon; a former cop turned FBI agent.

FBI: International ended their first season with Jaeger being promoted. That means Christiane Paul will be exiting the series.

The Season 2 premiere will introduce Eva-Jane Willis as the team’s new Europol liaison, Megan “Smitty” Garretson. 

With production underway for the September premieres, these actors are ready for another exciting year of FBI Tuesdays to thrill fans.

FBI Tuesdays return starting with FBI Season 5 premiere at 8/7c on September 20 on CBS.

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