FBI stars preview Maggie’s return to the team

FBI Maggie
Missy Peregrym returns as Agent Maggie Bell on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

FBI is preparing to welcome back an old face. 

Zeeko Zaki and John Boyd are talking about the upcoming return of Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell on the CBS drama.

The actress has been absent since late in Season 4 due to having her second child. Maggie has likewise been sidelined due to the effects of a gas attack. 

While Maggie appears to be back in shape and ready to go, the psychological effects of the attack may be weighing on her.

That will affect OA, especially as he has to deal with his own issues from an attack himself. 

As fans await Maggie’s return in a few weeks, the anticipation for her comeback may be muted by the knowledge she won’t be quite the same agent as before. 

Maggie’s return to FBI confirmed

Maggie’s journey on FBI has been through major obstacles in the last year. 

In a mid-Season 4 episode, Maggie found herself caught in a lab filled with sarin gas from a planned terrorist attack. OA was able to rescue her, but Maggie was put into a coma.

This was the excuse to write out Missy Peregrym for a time so the actress could have her second child. She gave birth in July while announcing her maternity leave would be longer than expected.

It’s now confirmed Maggie will return in the November 15 episode. FBI is taking a break with a special episode airing Sunday, November 6, before Maggie’s return highlights a new run of episodes. 

Not just fans are excited as Zeeko Zaki, who plays partner OA, is just as thrilled to see Maggie back in action. The actor shared with Give Me My Remote how good it feels to have Peregrym back on set. 

“It is definitely an emotional return, character-wise and actor-wise. For me, I really am grateful and excited for you guys to see how her character is brought back into the fold. And [outside of] any storylines, it’s just really, really great to see the whole squad [together], and to see [Missy] back after her second kid. And this is really great, and I’m just excited for us to get back into our groove before the temperatures drop below freezing.”

However, while Maggie may be back on the job, the question is how she’s truly recovered from her ordeal.

How do Maggie and OA deal with her return?

Maggie (Missy Peregrym) is in danger as OA (Zeeko Zaki) tries to help on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

Coming so close to death will be a big deal for Maggie, and while she seems okay, the experience will likely haunt her. This may start affecting her fieldwork and judgment. 

OA is also dealing with the effects of having been mugged, which is affecting his judgment. While he and Maggie are a good team, Zaki says their new attitudes may shake up their partnership. 

“It’s been very interesting, because I think if you spend [all these] months away from somebody, you are coming back to a different person. But as [they] figure out what’s the best way to rejoin [this partnership], I think [he’s] spending some time and keeping that new person [he’s become] to himself, and seeing if she discovers it—or if it comes out in front of her. It’s gonna definitely be part of the journey.”

While the focus is on the partners, the rest of the team will also have to adjust to this new dynamic. Scola (John Boyd) has been close to Maggie’s replacement, Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten). 

However, with Maggie returning, it’s likely Nina is leaving with the synopsis for the November 6 episode indicating a challenge coming to her relationship with Scola.

Boyd added to Give Me My Remote that the rest of the team recognizes Maggie’s problems but figures it’s best for her and OA to work it out while they aid. 

“With everything that she went through, of course, we know Maggie—she’s ready for reentry, 110 percent. But there’s gonna be some bumps in the road. And OA is in the middle of that with her. The rest of the team is kind of on the outer side of it, feeling the ripples and trying to support and help deal with that.”

As fans await Maggie’s return, it’s good to see her castmates are as excited to see her back on the job as viewers will be. 

FBI Season 5 returns with a special episode Sunday, November 6 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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