FBI: Most Wanted sneak peek: Barnes finally meets Scott

FBI: Most Wanted
Roxy Sternberg as Agent Sheryll Barnes on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: Most Wanted is giving a long-awaited sneak peek for Season 4. 

CBS has released an opening scene for the Season 4 premiere on Tuesday, which marks the first meeting of team leader Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) and Sheryll Barnes (Roxy Sternberg).

It also touches on the departure of Ortiz (Miguel Gomez) as well as setting up the plotline of the episode. 

Meanwhile, showrunner David Hudgins has shared how the episode will involve Remy going undercover. 

He also gave hints for upcoming storylines, including focusing on Gaines’ past and Hana facing some personal problems.

As fans eagerly await the new season, this promises to kick Season 4 off with all the excitement FBI: Most Wanted fans have come to love. 

Barnes meets the new boss

The Season 4 premiere, titled Iron Pipeline, has the team trying to figure out who is behind the murder of a family of four in a Georgia motel.

The newly released clip from CBS has Remy showing up at headquarters to finally meet Barnes. Barnes has been absent to focus on her family, which was an excuse for Roxy Sternberg’s pregnancy

The pair have a short meeting before Scott reveals that Ortiz has transferred to Los Angeles so he can keep an eye on his ailing father. This explains why Miguel Gomez is no longer on the series.

The team then sees news reports of a mass shooting at a Delaware camp as Barnes sadly relates that her child is being offered a protective vest for school. 

Scott tells them they need to focus on a new case as the clip ends. 

Speaking to Carter Matt, showrunner David Hudgins shared that the premiere will focus on Scott taking a unique lead on the case. 

“Remy has found his groove. The premiere is a topical story with lots of action and a strong emotional hook. One of the best parts about it is we get to see Remy go undercover for the first time.”

While Remy and Barnes may get along well here, Hudgins hints that Barnes is handling someone besides Jess as team leader. 

“The dynamic is strained as Barnes returns from maternity leave and has to get to know her new boss. The tension between them is an arc that plays out for a few episodes. They have to earn each other’s trust.”

This will be just one of several plotlines to play in Season 4. 

What’s coming on FBI: Most Wanted Season 4?

Hudgins added that Scott wouldn’t be the only team member to get some focus in Season 4. 

“We will be exploring Remy’s family further and his relationship with April, the Judge he is dating. Kristin has a very strong episode where we delve further into her past and her kidnapping by a cartel five years ago. Hana also has a featured episode where things get very tough for her and she opens up emotionally in a way we’ve not seen before.”

Episode 2 will introduce Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge), Ortiz’s replacement on the team, who brings a new dynamic. 

“Edwin is a great actor, and he totally pops on screen. His character Ray brings energy, humor, and youth to the team, and it’s been a blast watching that dynamic unfold.”

Hudgins also stated upcoming episodes will play on current events, including trafficking, false flag conspiracists, and cryptocurrency.

As this clip shows, FBI: Most Wanted is ready to hit the ground running with some great character drama and thrills to make Season 4 the best yet.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 premieres Tuesday at 10/9c on CBS.

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