FBI: Most Wanted showrunner previews the new agent

Edwin Hodge
Edwin Hodge joins FBI: Most Wanted in Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: Most Wanted is ready to shake things up with its newest agent

Showrunner David Hudgins shared an extensive look at how Edwin Hodge will join the team as Ray Cannon for Season 4.

Cannon takes the place of Ivan Ortiz (Miguel Gomez), who has left the team to care for his ailing father in Los Angeles. 

This peek includes detailing the man’s background as a former New Orleans cop following in his father’s footsteps as an FBI agent. 

Cannon will shake up the team, including some early conflict with Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) but will win them over with his attitude.

Hudgins also discussed how Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) will face some new family problems and a possible crossover. 

The peek is a good look at how FBI: Most Wanted will grow in Season 4 to pay off on major developments for fans. 

Who is Ray Cannon and how does he join FBI: Most Wanted?

FBI: Most Wanted fans were already used to some major cast turnover in Season 3. However, it was still surprising when it was announced that Miguel Gomez would be leaving the series following the Season 3 finale. 

The episode stated that Ivan Ortiz was in Los Angeles tending to his father, who was recovering from a heart attack. As Season 4 opens, Ortiz has left the team to focus on his dad’s health. 

This leaves a slot open, which is filled by Hodge’s Ray Cannon. In an interview with Deadline, showrunner David Hudgins shared details on Cannon and how he joins the team.

“He’s from New Orleans and his father was an FBI agent in the Bureau which is significant because there weren’t a lot of African American agents back in the day. Ray comes from a family of law enforcement so he went straight onto the New Orleans police force when he got out of high school, and he to college at the same time to get his degree. After he was a cop for 10 years, he decided he wanted to go to the bureau with Quantico. This is the first time Remy hires someone for the team. He wanted to bring in somebody who is young with not a lot of experience that he can help mold into an agent to be part of his team.”

Cannon’s past, which includes a childhood in New Orleans, includes a maverick spirit that appeals to Scott.

“There is a bit of a backstory with Ray that goes all the way back to when he was 15 years old during Hurricane Katrina. Also, being a cop in New Orleans is a different kettle of fish; there’s always a lot going on. They tend to not always play by the rules down there, so there’s a little bit of that in Ray. So Remy teaches him how things are done in the FBI and specifically on this task force.”

According to Hudgins, there will be some early conflict between Cannon and some of his teammates, but he brings new energy to the show. 

“His arrival does cause some conflict with Barnes (Roxy Sternberg]. Barnes has been on that task force from the beginning and she’s paid her dues and now there’s a new guy coming in. She doesn’t necessarily have a problem with him; they do have many similarities. They are both African American and both had been cops. But I think she also sort of feels like hey, this guy has to pay his dues as we all did. So she’s a bit tough on him in the beginning.

He does develop a great relationship with Hana (Keisha Castle-Hughes) pretty quickly. We thought it would be interesting to have these two characters of the same age who come from very different backgrounds, and who have different perspectives. The two of them together are really fun! They’re kind of like the kids’ squad of the team, in a way. His arrival does upset the dynamic but in a good way.”

As Cannon settles into the team, this new energy will revitalize them and their leader.

What is to come on FBI: Most Wanted?

FBI: Most Wanted
Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) and Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge) handle a case on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

Hudgins praised Hodge’s vitality and energy that will spark up the show. 

“The whole idea of the character was to bring in some youth and some vitality, some new energy, and Edwin has all of that. I’ve already seen him in some stuff and he just lights up the screen. He’s got a real energy to him and some real charm—this guy is a charmer.”

Hudgins also talked about some storylines involving Remy’s romance with Judge April Brookes (Wendy Moniz). 

“What I can tease is Remy and April Brooks (Wendy Moniz) are still together and they’re trying to figure it out. They both have very, very demanding jobs so trying to find time for each other is a challenge. Both actors have incredible chemistry and they’re great to watch. “

Hudgins also said an upcoming story will delve more into Remy’s personal life as he and his sister deal with their mother’s Alzheimer’s condition worsening. 

Much bigger is when the man who killed Remy’s younger brother comes up for parole and brings back some painful memories.

“There’s a story very early on with him and his sister and how they’re helping their mom who has dementia. There’s a great story also coming up where we learn a lot about who Remy was before he went to the FBI. He was a bit of a player back in the day, let’s put it that way. The death of his little brother was what changed him, and we do have an art plan for that as well. We think that’s going to be really intense and emotional for him. Essentially, there’s the idea that his brother’s killer is up for parole, and what is Remy going to do about that?”

Hudgins did touch on the possibility of another FBI crossover but said it’s complicated due to the various shooting schedules and “the answer is yes, the goal is to do across over the season. We just don’t know when yet.”

With a big focus on the new member and more on Remy’s past, Season 4 of FBI: Most Wanted promises to be even bigger than before to get fans excited.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 premieres Tuesday September 20 at 10/9c on CBS.

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