Dylan McDermott breaks down the FBI: Most Wanted season finale and future

Remy Scott
Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) with Judge April Brooks (Wendy Moniz) on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for the FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 finale.

Remy Scott closed out his first year with FBI: Most Wanted in a big way.

Amid dealing with a ruthless criminal putting the Task Force at risk, Remy also found time for some romance and a new beginning.

Dylan McDermott is now opening up about how it feels to finish his initial arc on the series and what he hopes to happen with Remy in Season 4. 

Remy and the Season 3 finale drama

The series’s Season 3 finale was dramatic as the team hunted a Russian oligarch who had lost his fortune due to sanctions. He was on a quest to regain his fortune, leading to several murders.

The man upped the stakes not just with a gas attack on the New York subway but also by threatening the Task Force’s families. In the end, the man tried to head to the Russian consulate for aid. Instead, having double-crossed them on a deal, he ended up with a bullet to the head. 

It did have an emotional ending as Remy talked to the family members (including his mother and sister) to praise fellow agents Gaines and Hana for their help. Speaking to Give Me My Remote, McDermott said that wasn’t just his character talking. 

“It was me, Dylan, and me, Remy, speaking to the team, saying how much I appreciate them, and how great they are—because they’re great. They’re wonderful. It’s a wonderful group of people. And so I think it was easy… because it was really heartfelt. So I didn’t have to draw on anything because I just feel like Alexa and Keisha are wonderful people, and it was easy for me to single them out and tell everybody how wonderful they are.”

McDermott summed up Remy’s issues regarding his Alzheimer’s-ridden mother and how the long-ago murder of his brother drives him on. 

“He’s trying to have relationships, because he’s been such a lone wolf for so long now. I think that will be ongoing, his relationship with his mom and his sister and himself and his brother; even though his brother’s dead, I think he’s still very much in relation to him. And I think that’s what drives him to be an agent and catch these bad guys, because he couldn’t do it for his brother. So, somehow, he’s going to make up for it.”

Those relationships also include a nice new romance for Remy.

Remy and his romances

Wendy Moniz
Wendy Moniz as Judge April Brooks on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

The episode opened by showing Remy was now dating Judge April Brooks (Wendy Moniz). It closed with April, having been out of town during the manhunt, joining Remy for a morning date. 

McDermott praised Moniz, who he worked with on the short-lived 2007 drama Big Shots. 

“This is my third show with Wendy! She was on Big Shots as well. And she’s wonderful. There’s something about Wendy that is so unique, and you believe her. And there’s something formidable about her, and she’s smart, and she’s beautiful. So she has all these different dynamics going on that obviously Remy is attracted to. But he likes that she’s so smart, because he needs someone to sort of put him in his place. And I think that the Judge, as he calls her, affectionately, is that person.”

McDermott summarized that Remy has a lot of pain in his past but hopes to open up in the future.

“You know, what I’m most excited about playing a character like this, is that a lot of times, a guy like that would shut down. He wouldn’t put himself out there. And here’s a man who has been through so much, but at the same time, there’s an innocence about him. There’s a playfulness and a willingness to open his heart. And some of that did come from his ex-wife saying, “Find your own Bryan.”—I think that there’s something that sparked inside of him when she said that, that he wants love in his life. He really does. He wants to feel again. He wants to be in love again. And I think that’s really cool, because a guy like this has seen so much, has been through so much, and like I said, could easily just be cynical. And he’s not. And that’s a great thing to play.”

What’s coming for Remy in Season 4?

FBI Most Wanted
Remy (Dylan McDermott), Gaines (Alexa Davalos), and Hana (Keisha Castle-Hughes) talk a case on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

With his first arc on the show wrapped up, McDermott is looking forward to Season 4. He’s excited for Remy to meet Barnes, who had taken a leave of absence just before he joined the team (actress Roxy Sternberg had gone on maternity leave). 

McDermott stated he would like it to be how he met the rest of the cast in that “where the first time we will meet will be on camera. I think that’s really fun, and interesting, to see the dynamics play out like that.”

McDermott is also hopeful for another FBI crossover. “But I would like to do a crossover of all the FBIs, certainly, to begin with, because I think that fans love that. Traveling from one show to the next with the same case. I think that that’s something that’s really fun. And everybody loves that; you just keep the TV on for three hours and watch all the FBIs. I think that’s something that I would like to see in the future.”

Overall, McDermott is happy to have landed the role of Scott and eager for Season 4 to explore that character further. 

“I’m just happy to be able to get to play this guy. This was something that I got to create with Dick and David Hudgins from the ground up, this character. And there’s something that’s such a natural fit for me to be able to use my humor and to come into a show that was existing and have it all work out, have the two-year pick up. So I just feel enormously grateful that I get to play this guy at this time in my life. So I just looked forward to more, honestly.”

With his first season on the series done, McDermott is hopeful a full Season 4 gives fans more insight into Remy Scott’s journey to spark FBI: Most Wanted.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 premieres Tuesdays this fall on CBS. 

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