Did Chicago Fire just retcon Sylvie Brett’s past?

Kara Killmer From Chicago Fire
Kara Killmer stars as paramedic Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/carrie-nelson

Chicago Fire just introduced a new wrinkle about Sylvie Brett’s past, possibly retconning it a bit in the process.

On the latest episode of the show (Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 13), Brett spoke about love to some of the other people at Firehouse 51.

During the conversation, Brett stated that she believed in love at first sight and that she had experienced it with Matthew Casey.

The statement might have caught a lot of long-time Chicago Fire fans off-guard because it seems to be a different version of the story than what we have already seen.

Brett and Casey got together in Season 9 after flirting with each other quite a bit. The relationship was then forced to become long-distance in Season 10 when Casey moved to Portland.

Now, Casey is out of the picture, with Brett struggling to move on to a new guy since she still has such strong feelings for Casey. It’s why conversations like the one that just happened are taking place.

But what about Gabbie Dawson?

Casey and Gabbie Dawson started dating in Season 2, and he proposed to her in the season finale. Brett then joined the show in Season 3, and this new information states that Brett fell in love with Casey while he was still dating Gabbie.

Taking it one step further, it is now being impressed upon viewers that after Gabbie became engaged to Casey that Brett was still in love with Casey.

So, was Brett really crushing hard on Casey, even after he got married to Gabbie? It all seems pretty awkward, with Brett and Gabbie also becoming best friends on the show.

This might be a storyline that should be addressed again, maybe by closing the possible plot hole by simply having Brett speak about romanticizing the past now that she is truly in love with Casey.

Big stories coming on One Chicago

Some intriguing Chicago Fire spoilers come from a showrunner, who states that there will be some drama taking place within Firehouse 51 very soon.

In the next episode, a mini-crossover for Chicago Fire will arrive, which should end up being a nice treat for fans of the show.

And for viewers who tune in to all of the One Chicago shows, the big 200th episode of Chicago P.D. is coming up, with the writers and producers putting together a night that is going to be packed with action.

For fans who want to go back and watch some of the older episodes that featured cute interactions between Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey, everything is available for streaming through Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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