Chicago P.D. star celebrates a girls’ night out with her daughter

Burgess Chicago PD Season 10
Marina Squerciati plays Kim Burgess on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBCUniversal/Lori Allen

Chicago P.D. actress Marina Squerciati had a fun girls’ night with her daughter.

Marina, her daughter, and a friend took in some dancing at the theater to celebrate their time out.

The Chicago P.D. cast recently finished filming Season 10, freeing everyone to enjoy the summer break.

A celebration already took place on set to mark the moment, but now everyone has gone their separate ways.

On the show, Marina plays Officer Kim Burgess. Her character has been through a lot, but Kim has also had some breakthroughs during Season 10 episodes.

For Marina, this meant she could have a fun night out without worrying about work for a while.

She can also spend some more time with her husband, Eli Kay-Oliphant.

A girl’s night out for Marina Squerciati

“Girl’s night out,” Marina began the caption for her Instagram post.

She noted they were there to see Shen Yun – a premier classical Chinese dance company.

And in one of the photos on the post, Marina and the girls can be seen trying to emulate some of the dance moves.

Soon, Marina may start sharing vacation photos if the family decides to head somewhere fun during her summer hiatus away from the show.

In the past, Marina has even taken trips with other people from the world of One Chicago, including Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Natalie Manning) from Chicago Med.

More from Chicago P.D.

Even though filming has wrapped on Season 10, several new episodes from Chicago P.D. Season 10 will debut this spring.

On the episode schedule for Chicago P.D., the drama returns from hiatus on May 3. The show will have new episodes beginning that week and up to the season finale on May 24.

Some great news was also revealed recently. NBC ordered Season 11 of Chicago P.D., with those episodes to air during the 2023-2024 television season.

Since the order was placed before the Season 10 finale was filmed, a cliffhanger likely awaits fans. This is a show that enjoys doing that before heading into breaks.

An announcement was also made regarding how the Chicago P.D. Season 11 will look. In a revelation that could frustrate some fans, it appears that each primary cast member will miss episodes during the calendar year.

To watch previous episodes from Chicago P.D., everything is available for streaming through Peacock. Steaming on Peacock is a great way to catch up with Season 10 episodes. It’s also the place to watch older content that featured Jesse Lee Soffer playing Detective Jay Halstead.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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